A Violent Gang Rape In Las Vegas

Posted March 2nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

…and you haven’t heard about it,…why?
Cytherea Rainey London Franks

Maybe because the 5 teens that did it are Black,  and the victim used to be a porn star?  Does that make home invasion, assault, gang rape, robbery, and car theft any less of a crime?

The home may have been selected for robbery at random.

The perps – who it turns out had met each other in the juvenile offender system, – broke in the front door and found 3 adults and two children sleeping, – held them at gunpoint,  and raped one of the women repeatedly – brutally – choking her as they did.

Then they went on to another home, – and broke in the same way – to be met by a woman with a gun, – who sadly, – didn’t shoot them as they ransacked her home.

Police tracked them down using the stolen cell phones they’d taken. At first the two juveniles – under 16 – were to be charged as juveniles, – but now all will be charged as adults because of the brutality of the assaults, and because they broke into a second home.

And the car they were using to start with…? Carjacked! No bail for Qumaire Rainey – 18, Edward London – 17, and Casey Franks – 16.   Cops finally found the youngest two.

So much for the leadership example being set by by our First Black pResident…

And that loud outcry you’re NOT hearing, – that’s the uproar of America’s Feminists demanding stiffer justice for rapists…. Yeah, right…. And I’m sure Al Sharpton will be in Vegas for the preliminary hearings….

LESSON FOR THE LADIES: Just because you live is a ‘safe upscale neighborhood’, – doesn’t mean that thugs won’t come through your door some dark night.  Arm yourself, and be ready to meet evil with well-aimed gunfire!

3 Responses to “A Violent Gang Rape In Las Vegas”

  1. Walter Knight

    A gun should be a woman’s best friend.

  2. MC

    An alert dog, a loaded gun are a girl’s best friend. Some gun safety-tactical training doesn’t hurt either. Females have to reason that anyone who breaks in their home deserves to be sporting a bullet or two or three when they leave. There should be no rationalization–their motive is either to rob you – harm you or both. Shot and shot straight– as holes in the wall are messy and just aren’t needed.

  3. Eric

    way to blame Obama! This is what fuels the hate we are seeing now!


    And you have no comments for the VICTIM – or her 5 Black rapists?

    Your sole focus is defending a failed president who turned a BLIND EYE to black criminals…?

    WHERE have you BEEN these past 29 months since this item was posted? In a coma?