A Vicious Ambush In Mexico

Posted November 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The killing of 9 people (including 6 kids) is a story of intertwined tragedies going back a hundred years.

And it shows clearly why we need our Southern Wall!

The victims were Mormons,  – US Citizens descended from breakaway Mormon polygamists who fled the US to avoid both religious and political prosecution – 100 years ago.

The area they settled in 75 miles south of the border – is now Drug Cartel land,  – and thanks to Americans using LOTS of drugs,  business for the Cartels is booming.

They essentially OWN most of the local town and city governments in Mexico,  and just weeks ago were having a major gun battle with police forces.

Yet many Americans choose to ignore the ongoing murders,  thinking it’s still ‘safe’ to go to the “SAFE TOWNS”….

While in Washington DC,  Speaker Pelosi is hell-bent on impeaching Trump,  – and refuses to consider funding for the Border Wall.

Since 9/11, some 63,000 Americans have been murdered by illegals – and since many jurisdictions REFUSE to list nationality or immigration status,  – that figure is really lower than the reality.

And STILL,  US Cities and even States declare themselves “Sanctuaries”,  – refuse to cooperate with ICE,  – and often release rapists and murderers back into their populations, – unannounced. AND, fail to report the statistics.

In a compounding of irony and tragedy,  the 9 murdered Mormons are both distantly related to a violent sect of Mormons – the LeBaron family,  – AND to the Romney family.

Don’t expect the Mexican authorities to do much to catch the killers.  They’re not ready for another gun battle.

4 Responses to “A Vicious Ambush In Mexico”

  1. Varvara

    I think Nancy Pelosi should take her next vacation in Mexico.

  2. Kojack

    Great post, Mike, it illustrates why I loathe lib-TURDs/DUMMYCRAPS. Innocent Americans and Mexican nationals and are literally dying and yet they just double-down on their INSANE POLICIES AND VOTING HABITS. THEY ARE THE BIGGEST SECURITY THREAT TO AMERICA. Another security problem are MORONS WHO USE RECREATIONAL DRUGS FOR THE 1st TIME AND GET HOOKED AND THE OLD JUNKIES WHO CREATE THE DEMAND THAT THE CARTELS ARE SUPPLYING.

  3. Walter Knight

    Tucson voted today by 75 percent NOT to become a sanctuary city. Maybe people are learning, but many are lazy just voting their race rather than looking at issues, or for what’s best for America.

  4. Catherine

    Oh, the story gets WAY worse. Apparently the women (and children) killed were linked to the sex cult nxivm. THAT link, in turn, connects them to child sex trafficking people, routes, and organizations.

    There are an astonishing number of links between some of these Mormon sub-groups, and nxivm. NeonRevolt has articles on the topic on his site.