A Very Long Primary Day In Wisconsin

Posted April 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Wisconsin Democrats viewed this as a needless primary;  they’re ready to anoint Slow Joe Biden. But both the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court ruled that the election must be held – in person – and on the scheduled day.  No last-minute changes in the rules.

Short many of their usual election workers (who fear the virus),  – polling places were limited,  – and the process was slowed by Social Distancing.

UPDATE:  Tuesday, 14 April 2020   The votes have been counted;  Biden crushed Bernie 2:1

No wonder Bernie quit the very next day….OUCH!

One Response to “A Very Long Primary Day In Wisconsin”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    good for BOTH of those Supreme Courts! Plus we get proof that it CAN be done – voting in person, with “social distancing” rules in place, on paper. So we wait for results; that used to be the norm, before counting machines. But there must be care taken with the actual ballots, to preserve them from being adulterated with fake ballots. After all, we know the left finds no tactic beneath them to get their way.