A V-E-R-Y Bad Day For Elderly Veterans

Posted April 26th, 2018 by Iron Mike

White House Doctor Admiral Ronny Jackson – who has served 3 presidents,  – has withdrawn his name to run the Veteran’s Administration.  The left-wing smear campaign,  – aided and abetted by the left-wing media (even Fox) – worked.

The powerful and utterly corrupt 700,000-member AFGE will continue to brutalize sick and elderly veterans – at will.  This is a victory for EVIL!

Sadly there is very little interest in Congress to see the VA and it’s evil AFGE cleaned up and held accountable….

.your Congressvermin are getting too much money in campaign contributions from this union – who mostly work indoors – in air-conditioned comfort.

Worse, your congressvermin KNOW that sick,  elderly,  and Alzheimered veterans don’t vote or contribute to their opponents,  – so simply stated,  – once you’re a patient in a VA hospital,  – Congress just considers you a drain on the Federal Budget. 

They don’t give a DAMN about you!

One Response to “A V-E-R-Y Bad Day For Elderly Veterans”

  1. Panther 6

    The AFGE is a major part of the problem. In my mind the major issue with the VA stems from the administrators and staff more so than the docs and nurses. Too many of them have gotten hired and over the years been promoted far beyond their Peter Principal and they bring along their equally incompetent cronies thereby perpetuating a corrupt and inefficient system to the detriment of our vets. Unless the AFGE stranglehold can be broken and the truly deadwood removed the VA problems will continue