In the USA. This video made me very sad. It is harrowing to watch, and to realize that this happened in our country. That brave men, exercising their rights under the 2nd Amendment, were able to regain control over a government intent on stealing elections, is heartening. I would do this for my family. Would you? rr

2 Responses to “A true story. The Battle of Athens. Yes, it happened here.”

  1. TeaTime

    Thank you for posting this…I have requested the movie from the library. I can certainly see many people I know taking that stance.

    I hope it will not come to this – but I am more doubtful every day.XP

  2. Tea Time

    Follow-up: I watched the entire movie thanks to the public library. It was good. I woud recommend it.

    God bless all those who served this country!