A Traitor Died Saturday – Way Too Old

Posted May 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Jesuit priest Daniel Berrigan – together with his brother Philip – were “anti-war activists” in the late 60s – helping to contribute to the erosion of American resistance to communist military expansionism in Southeast Asia.
Dan Berrigan DEAD at last
I rejoice at his death,  which at age 94 was much too peaceful.  If you weren’t around for the 60s and 70s – you won’t have a frame of reference for what I’m saying….

Daniel Berrigan anti-war protest

On the surface, the Berrigans were “Against the War”,  – and many simpletons bought into it at that level,

– in the exact same manner that Bernie Sanders supporters today believe all economic problems can be solved by super-taxing the rich….

But the Berrigans were essentially enemy agents – operating in the open – using their priesthood as cloak – slowly undermining American resolve to support and defend helpless peoples….

They were attention-seeking narcissists, – much like John Kerry and Jane #onda,…with only one message “Stop the WAR!”

They gave no thought to the victims being killed and conquered in Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia….

They saw America as the evil aggressor, – and thought the North Vietnamese soldiers were merely ‘trying to unite their country’.

Stupid American college and high school kids bought into it – as the anti-war movement drove the corrupt and inept LBJ from office in 1968, – and propelled the equally inept Nixon to victory.

Neither president had any desire to WIN the damned war, – they only wished to “CONTAIN IT”.

BOTH were haunted by visions of human wave attacks by Chinese Communist troops across the Yalu in 1950, – never understanding why Mao had sent those troops to die.

Chinese human wave attack in Korea

In 1950-51,  Mao had just finished conquering mainland China – and had a HUGE revolutionary army, – and no place to send it.  Korea offered the dictator a priceless opportunity – to send 1,500,000 of his most ardent revolutionary troops – and their generals – to be carpet-bombed by the American B-29s….

Fidel and CheNo dictator wants to keep his most ardent revolutionaries around,…they ~ might ~ put him up against a wall….

[Why do you think Castro kept dispatching Che Guevara overseas to hot-spots…? He knew how murderous Che was…]

BOTH LBJ and then Nixon were haunted by the specter that ‘a land war in Asia’ had driven Harry Truman from office,…

– so both ignored strategies which could have brought a quick and victorious end to the Vietnam War, – and settled for piecemeal troop flow and ‘containment’.

So the Berrigans, Kerry, #onda, Joan Baez and others kept the anti-war pressure up – burning draft offices, – protesting in the streets, – training agitators and draft-dodgers, – and protesting arms manufactures like Dow Chemical….

Jane Fonda in North Vietnam

They were aided and abetted by the media – led by Walter Cronkite.


Kissinger negotiated the “Peace Without Honor” – leaving South Vietnam all-but-defenseless against the NVA final push in 1975.

The Khmer Rouge took over in Cambodia [yes, the dominoes did fall] and slaughtered over 1,500,000 innocent people they deemed ‘the rich’ – some for owning a ball-point pen – or wearing glasses…

South Vietnam has lived under Communist rule for these past two generations, – while Berrigan died in his sleep. Doesn’t seem right….

YET,…in all those years, the so-called ‘priests’ – the Berrigan Brothers,…never spoke out against priests molesting young altar boys….

And even today,….you don’t see ‘priests’ rise up in righteous anger against Muslims beheading people or burning them alive, – or raping young girls, – or killing gays…?

You don’t see ‘priests’ standing outside abortion clinics – or telling their followers that it is evil…?

To me, the Berrigans were narcissistic attention-seeking cowards, – who could only see ‘evil’ in America’s use of our military – regardless of what evil we were trying to halt.

They never gave a shit about the victims of communist bayonets…

They never gave a shit about the American veterans who came home – to be told they were “baby-killers”,….so many of whom went on to drinking and to suicide…

Daniel Berrigan, – may you rot in HELL!

BTW, some folks later admitted they were on the wrong side.

Joan Baez admitted that when she watched the Boat People fleeing the Communists – that she instantly knew she’d been wrong,  – and she apologized

Jane #onda only ‘regretted’ the NVA photo-ops,…because they damaged her career.

The Berrigan legacy includes the cowardly reluctance of American Presidents – like Obama – to commit enough BOOTS ON THE GROUND in the Middle East to wipe out ISIS…..

The Berrigans helped create two generations of American pussies.

2 Responses to “A Traitor Died Saturday – Way Too Old”

  1. Vincent Picarello

    Well said Mike.

  2. Gary

    I seriously doubt he will burn in hell, and anyway, isn’t that up to God? And you support Trump? Give me a freaking break!

    Sorry to burst your bubble. He is one of the great Christians of the 20th century, right up there with Bonhoeffer, and has changed the church in important ways. He had no truck with Marxists; if you think he did, maybe you need to read him more carefully.


    Read him? His ACTIONS spoke LOUDER than anything he ever wrote.

    The blood of the dead Vietnamese and Cambodians are on HIS head.

    So,…thank you for your comment (22 months late) – come back often. And DAMN RIGHT we support Trump! Finally an AMERICAN President!