A Tragic Shameful End To America’s Era

Posted August 31st, 2021 by Iron Mike

China Joe Biden wants a Nobel Peace Prize – like Obama’s. He was so focused on ‘his moment in history’,  – standing on Ground Zero and making a speech how he’d JUST ENDED America’s Longest War….
.that he never understood that the ENEMY gets a VOTE. 
Joe didn’t ‘end a war’ – he ushered in a terrible new phase of one that is already 1400 years old.  Tens of thousands will die – maybe millions,  – as all the wannabe Osamas and al-Baghdadis in all the dark and dirty corners begin killing innocents and westerners – mostly Americans.   It was totally avoidable.  NO LONGER!

What is about to happen is a world-wide Jihad of terrible proportion.  The slaughter of innocents,  – men, – women – children – often by the cruelest means possible, – will become commonplace – as it already is across much of Africa.  Your life will be touched!

What is left of Dementia Joe bears full responsibility for the decision to pull America’s military out of Afghanistan in a retreat almost as bad as Napoleon’s Retreat Before Moscow.

But EVERY DAMNED DEMOCRAT / COMMUNIST who voted for Biden in 2020 shares that blame.

They all knew back then that he was corrupt,  stupid,  in China’s pocket,  and suffering from dementia.

SOMEHOW that seemed better than Trump…?

Decades of Delaware voters who voted like Pavlov’s Dogs to return Biden to the US Senate, – despite his well-known corruption and utter stupidity, – are equally to blame.   They created the myth of “Good Ole Joe”.

And America’s Communist Media NEVER covered the corruption that plagues the entire Biden Clan. It would have been an easy expose,  – the evidence was there; – but these traitors continued to sell you the Golden Showers Hoax and that Trump was an agent of Putin….

Who will they blame when Muslims start killing journalists?

Just twenty years ago America was given a rude wake-up call by 19 Muslim hijackers.

Suddenly Americans began to learn a little about World History and about Islam,  – but it was ugly stuff,  and many in college campuses insisted that it was “RACIST” to blame all Muslims (even the ones handing out candy as they danced in the street).  Islamophobia!

So by 2008 we elected a Muslim pResident,  – and even after the Benghazi Massacre,  – re-elected him.  Biden was part of that package…

TOTALLY IGNORED was that fact that after the 9/11 attack – Senator Biden wanted to give Iran a Billion Dollars – for NOT having attacked us.  He forgot they’d held our people HOSTAGE for over a year – just 22 years earlier.  Yes, he was totally clueless even back then.

Today,  20 years after 9/11,  – and 9 years after Benghazi,  – and just 5½ years after Iran seized our Swift Boats,  – Biden STILL CANNOT explain the difference between Sunni and Shia Muslims.

He IS THAT stupid!  And he doesn’t give a DAMN!

And around the world people will pay for his stupidity and corruption with their lives.

With bleeding heart liberals (aka anti-American scum) in charge of our politics – we are doomed to the fate Europe is suffering today – – bombing, suicide trucks,  murders, rapes, and civil disruption.

London’s Muslim mayor told the people to ‘get used to random knifings’.

Biden is planning his 9/11 Anniversary speech – where he’ll “take credit” for ending our longest war. He expects a Nobel Prize.

He didn’t end a war. He’s just brought it home to America!

3 Responses to “A Tragic Shameful End To America’s Era”

  1. Jim Buba

    Didn’t the Scourge start in 666 Ano Domini?

  2. Kojack

    Someone should tell Biden that BOTH sides have to agree to end a war.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    On the International stage, we are watching the real time collapse of American prestige, honor, influence and power. Biden and his woke gang have turned a debatable policy of leaving Afghanistan into a military, humanitarian and political disaster of epic proportions.

    Biden managed to provide the Taliban with thousands of American hostages, betraying tens of thousands of Afghanis who helped us over the last 20 years, and provide the enemy with 84 billion dollars of American military equipment, ammunition and buildings.

    How long before (G-d forbid) videos of Americans being beheaded by these barbarians because the newly emboldened and empowered terrorists demands are not met?

    Biden is an unmitigated catastrophe both domestically and internationally. We need to turn this destruction around or we won’t have a country for future generations.