A Stupid Shooting In Mobile Alabama

Posted September 1st, 2019 by Iron Mike

As we await details of that Odessa Texas mass shooting (5 dead 21 shot / gunman dead), there had been another shooting at the end of a high school football game down in Mobile. It could not have been more stupid.

Somebody managed to raise Deangelo Parnell for 17 years without schooling him on the basics of civilized behavior and anger management.  Any bets on the likelihood of an absentee father?  Alabama routinely charges and imprisons 17-yr olds as adults.  At 5′ 6”, Deangelo will soon be somebody’s girlfriend.

2 Responses to “A Stupid Shooting In Mobile Alabama”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    No doubt, Mike…..

    Democraps will be gleeful over this tragedy as it will become just another anti-gun talking point rather than a constructive dialogue over the root causes of these tragedies. Lack of leadership discipline, and warped social and behavioral standards, are invisible planks in the Democrap Platform.

    Democraps are reaping what they sowed, and deep down inside, they are euphoric! Meanwhile, the tragedies will continue….


    Bro,…I mostly agree….

    But, I think the Dems will focus on Texas because it fits their agenda much better…

    …two mass shootings in the same month.

    …long guns used…

    …angry White male shooters….

    …multiple deaths….

    Whereas the Mobile, Alabama shooter is a 17-year-old Black youth who used a handgun and (thank God) didn’t manage to kill anybody…. He doesn’t fit their agenda of “blaming guns” and disarming the White population.

    In fact, they’ll use him differently – as a “poor Black youth” caught up unfairly in Alabama’s ancient racist justice system and thrown in prison with “Hardened Criminals”

  2. Richard Duval

    Dumb ass kid. Parents gotta also be idiots. Look how easily you throw your life away at 17. I can’t wait to see the ghetto ass mom saying how good of a kid her son is