A Stark Choice This November 8th

Posted July 4th, 2016 by Iron Mike

If you think the coming election is just about Hillary vs Trump,  – you haven’t been paying attention!
In many ways Obama,  Hillary,  Kerry,  Biden, are all just bit players in a bigger charade,  – and the election this November is a smoke screen.  You really don’t understand the left’s concept of GLOBALISM!

It’s been an ideal – almost a pipe dream – for the Left for over 100 years. The conceptual philosophy can be traced to writers in the 18th Century.

League of Nations'

American President Woodrow Wilson was a firm believer in Globalism – and World Government – and pushed the victorious WWI powers into forming the League of Nations.

Most Americans today are unaware of the effort then to adopt a common world language – Esperanto…..

At the time many advocates were pacifists, while most skeptics had vivid memories of bloody battlefields, – and knew that European monarchies could not be trusted to stay co-operative, to give up their colonial ambitions, – or to actually muster forth sufficient troops for a combined effort to halt an aggressor.

Senator Henry Cabot LodgeRepublicans in the US – led by Senator Henry Cabot Lodge of Massachusetts, were against the League – as they were certain globalist provisions of the Treaty of Versailles,

– like the one requiring the US to send troops to oppose an aggressor – without Congressional Approval.

Lodge also opposed Wilson’s push for unlimited and unrestricted immigration….

As you can quickly see,…100 years and another World War haven’t changed some issues very much.

Except back then Republicans had principles,…and backbones,  and would actually oppose an unconstitutional president.  The US never did join the League….

But FDR set in motion the beginnings of the United Nations, – and Truman blindly followed along….

Today the UN does a poor job of mediating disputes and controlling rogue states. With most of it’s members now impoverished Third World dictatorships, the UN focuses far more energy in mandating lifestyle solutions to their former colonial masters.

In many ways the other experiments in Global Governance have failed – particularly during Obama’s years in office. NATO is far weaker – unwilling to confront either the rise of ISIS or the new Russian Empire, and the European Union became an economic and political bully – to the point that the Brits just voted themselves out of the mess.

These various attempts at Globalism and Collective Security are meeting the exact same fate as did the original American Articles of Confederation….

.it’s near impossible to get everybody to agree…

.nobody wants to pay their fair share,…so they tend to tax the richer nations….abusing our hospitality in NY City and demanding the USA pay a bigger share…..

.their bureaucrats have become obnoxious, – while remaining essentially incompetent,…unable to account for funds or control the sexual behavior of so-called ‘peacekeeping troops’ sent to third world hellholes….

.everybody wants the credit,…nobody wants to do the heavy lifting.

So on November 8th, Hillary isn’t the real issue.

The real issue is do we continue down the slippery slope of globalization, – surrendering our rights and our sovereignty to an illusion of a ‘peaceful world government’ – where ‘all nations are equal’.

George Soros – that 85-year old former Nazi-collaborator Hungarian Jew,  – has spent a fortune to make you think that Globalization is good.  And he’s got a guy picked out to be the new Global King….a guy who takes orders and obediently reads his speeches from a teleprompter….

Teleprompter in Chief

Why do you suppose there is such an anti-Trump chorus from the Media?

How did that get organized?  What specifics can they point to,…his mannerisms?  His style?  His so-called ‘racist views’?  His ‘America FIRST’ ideas…?

Funny how so many people who SAY they hate Hillary,  – are also saying they’ll never vote for Trump.   Hmmm,…I wonder who started THAT ?   Either way – Soros wins,…because Hillary would win.

I kind of like the idea of America FIRST!

I sure don’t want anybody ELSE to be ‘first’!

5 Responses to “A Stark Choice This November 8th”

  1. Varvara

    We the People of the United States,

    Not, we the people of the world…….

    Not, we the elites….

    Not, we La Raza….

    Not, we Globalism

  2. Brad Wyatt


    Rep Thomas Massie of Kentucky introduced an Amexit from the UN. Now, that sounds like freedom!

  3. Kojack

    After Comey’s statement today on the predetermined conclusion of the FBI “investigation” it’s clear to me that the Hildebeast will be the next POTUS no matter what the voters decide. Welcome to your 3rd world Banana Republic!

  4. Mark

    If you think your little vote matters………..

  5. Mark

    it doesn’t.