A Soldier Comes Home To A Small Island

Posted June 21st, 2010 by Iron Mike

Shelter Island is a very small place – only 1200 souls, maybe a few more in summer.  Just one way on and off,  – by boat.  On Eastern Long Island they’re called the “little ferries” and they just fulfilled a solemn duty for 1LT Joe Theinert,  one of the finest men ever to live on the island.  Remember him when you go to vote in the primary and again in November!

Then remember him always!  Thank you LT – for going where I’m now too old to go, – and for doing what I so badly want to do.  I’ll buy you a drink some day.  Saint Peter will let me in at least that long!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts! [Typing through tears]

3 Responses to “A Soldier Comes Home To A Small Island”

  1. britsarmymom

    Thank you, Mike. I hope we can all PERSONALLY reach out to each returning veteran and offer our hearts to them and their families. The whole nation is in debt to so few.

  2. dannap

    Our hearts ache for Lt. Theinhert’s family, friends, and ArmyBuddies. From small towns, though, come very large hearts that will always remember. Godspeed to you all.

  3. B Howell

    It’s a lot different today than during and after WWII. Gentlemen removed their hats, women wiped away a tear then. Today, except for small towns, where people really knew the returning soldiers, no one really understands or cares about these brave souls to whom we owe so much and give so little.

    Lt Joe had such a beautiful smile.