A Sobering Warning Shot In Arabia

Posted June 12th, 2019 by Iron Mike

With pin-point accuracy,  Houthi Rebels in Yemen managed to hit the passenger terminal at the Abha Airport in Saudi Arabia – over 50 miles away.

If you think of Muslim terrorists as primitive goons with AKs – think again!  The Chinese and their partners the Iranians are arming them with very sophisticated weaponry – because both want future bases in strategic Yemen.

Some of you young readers need to do a little History reading right now;  – learn about how and WHY both Stalin and Hitler got involved in the Spanish Civil War,  – and how their involvement would affect the next 10 years of world events.

HINT:  Both Stalin and Hitler were testing weaponry and future military leaders.

What kind of people target civilian airport terminals?

To Shia Muslims (particularly the Twelvers) – all Sunni are well worth killing.

To the Chinese, all Muslims are well worth killing. Don’t expect much mercy on these battlefields.

GAME CHANGER:  If the Houthi can be equipped with a weapon accurate enough to hit a particular building from over 50 miles away….

…then when the Iranian Twelvers manage to build their nuclear bomb,  delivering it to key targets in Israel and Riyadh is a certainty!

Are we talking years,…or just months?

Do you think John Kerry fucked the entire civilized world?

Do you believe that ANY of those

23+ DemoCRAPS running today

have a CLUE?

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