A Slave’s Ransom – A Debt Not Repaid?

Posted July 2nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Union toll in the Civil War:
Battle deaths 110,070Disease deaths 249,458,  Wounded 275,175
I’ve walked the battlefield at Gettysburg in July – climbed the Little Round Top, crossed the Wheat Field into Winslow’s guns…heard the screams, smelled the blood…

And yesterday collecting signatures for a young Republican candidate in Worcester I had a young black man tell me ‘I don’t vote’.  He was one of many…  A couple of things were clear:

Obama Phone150 years later, despite all the well-intended efforts to free America’s black slaves, – get them educated, – get them enrolled to vote, – get them into higher education and into better jobs, – open doors for them at the expense of fully and highly qualified whites,…

…far too many American blacks are now content with an EBT card and an ObamaPhone.

Back on Nov 5th, 2008, – I consoled myself with the thought that NOW, at last, our inner-city black population would be inspired to work for a better life – for themselves and their kids….

But by Nov 7th 2012 – now in utter shock – I realized that neither Obama or the Democratic Party want America’s blacks off the plantation. 

Far from it,they’re working to dumb them down even further, to insure they remain government-dependent – in perpetuity.

Show me a Democrat of any stripe or color – who voted twice for Obama – and I’ll show you a vicious racist.


Today the Democrats are pandering to America’s GLBT population – that 1.7% who are gay, and the 1.8% [mostly women] who claim to be bi-sexual.

Why so much focus on such a small group?  Noise and money!  Most gays are educated, can make a decent living, aren’t spending it [mostly] on kids, can organize, know how to play the victim and grab headlines, and give huge sums of cash to politicians.Gays showing off 

So for another decade, – maybe another generation – they’ll enjoy extra privileges, center stage, and political power out of all proportion to their ‘suffering’ or their numbers. 

Then with another generation of Americans busy trying to make a living out of the wreckage of the Obama Economy, – and with more pressing issues – like continued illegal immigration and growing populations of Mexican and Muslim immigrantstheir ceaseless clamor for attention will go unnoticed

They’ll have turned off their fan base, and the media will ignore them – just as it ignores inner city black poverty and crime today.

After all,  Obama parading around Africa like a peacock is much better news [for the few who still buy newspapers] – than giving ink to the number of blacks shot in Chicago, Detroit, NYC, or Boston

WHO in the ‘Black Community’,….which ‘Blacks’ in Congress, – will question Obama’s $100 Million African Week – or his offer of $7 BILLION to gold-rich South Africa?

Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton were quick to march for Trayvon Martin. 

Why aren’t they camped outside the White House demanding that Obama pay attention to the very people who put him in office?  Are they too busy scouring the news looking for another Tawana Brawley or Trayvon?

1,000,000 angry Egyptians marched yesterday in Cairo.  I remember MLK’s Poor People’s March on Washington, and Resurrection City, and his “I have a dream” speech.good will squandered

I’m pretty sure that Mister Obama – traveling like a visiting Emperor in Africa – is oblivious….

He has just let 4½ years of opportunity slip through his fingers, as another generation of Black Slaves rot away their lives in our inner cities….

Somebody, – anybody – show me a campus Democrat or a party Democratwho gives a shit...

LBJIn the 49 years since LBJ’s ‘Great Society’ speech at UMich, what has the Democratic Party done to elevate and improve the life of ordinary Black families? 

How many more black women are becoming unwed mothers in their teensto qualify for welfare;  – while young black men join gangs, shoot each other – and end up in prison?

Does anybody out there really think Democrats give a shit about illegal Mexicans…

– other than to make them government-dependent, keep them in ‘Mexican’ sections of our cities, and of course, – harvest them for votes? 

7 Responses to “A Slave’s Ransom – A Debt Not Repaid?”

  1. Walter Knight

    Black Americans vote Democrat because they think white liberals care. They don’t. It’s all about power, and keeping it.

  2. Tom

    It was the Republicans that were responsible for the Emancipation of the slaves, the voting rights laws and MLK was a Republican. The Democrats gave them their phony “Great Society” put them back on the “plantation” and they have been takers ever since.

  3. Ian Farquhar

    Most gays give huge sums of cash to politicians? Really? The majority of homosexual people have huge sums of cash to give to politicians? Is it possible instead that the gay community’s political weight actually stems from the fact that most Americans support the idea that everyone should be able to marry anyone they want to marry?

  4. Larry Redmond

    Accurate description of where we are as a nation. Too many inner city Americans are content on the block. Our President could have made a difference for so many of the black youth and he has basically abandoned them. It is almost as bad a move as ObamaCare. He could have helped so much.

  5. Casey Chapman

    The Democrats don’t care about the blacks, because they assume that they own the black vote permanently. Instead of pandering to the hispanics, we should be evangelizing to the blacks. Especially in the inner city. If we could scoop up even half of the black vote, the Democrats would have a heart attack. We DO have some black conservatives, but we need more. Many more.

  6. Kojack

    Ian – most Americans support the definition of marriage as being between 1 man and 1 women. No one I know objects to civil unions. Its changing the definition that a majority of people find objectionable.

  7. Victor

    I don’t think that more children to unwed mothers is caused by Obama, it was caused by a culture change…

    So what changed the culture Victor?

    Which came first; – the chicken or the egg…?

    Which came first; generations of teenage unwed mothers with EBT cards filling up our inner cities with teenage gangbangers, – or the dumbed-down voters who gave us Obama…?