A Slave Revolt In Hampton Roads?

Posted October 3rd, 2021 by Iron Mike

McAuliffe’s remarks kinda reveal how Democrap insiders really feel about their Black Voters.

Democrats just use Black and Hispanic voters….and do their best to keep them on their inner-city voter plantations.

As China Joe famously said “If you ain’t for me – you ain’t Black!”

Now he’s letting in 50-70,000 Haitians to take jobs away from America’s poorest inner-city Blacks.  They’ll be easier to control;  – he can always threaten to sent them back to Haiti…

RRB applauds the HRBC for doing their own thinking and decision-making, and for breaking the chains that have tied too many generations of Americans to the racist politics of the Democrap Party – the party of slavery,  lynchings,  Jim Crow laws,  and inner-city EBT Card poverty and drug addiction.   And of course – ABORTION!

McAuliffe spent his 4 years as governor trying to get Hillary elected President,  then doing his best to sabotage Trump’s efforts to kick-start our economy.

He did nothing for the schools in the Black communities of Working Virginia,  – other than coddle the teacher unions.  Black student success was NEVER a priority.   He’s a master of lip service and photo-ops.

Time for America’s Black Voters to consider which party actually looks at them as worthy individuals? Virginia is a great place for the revolt to start!

One Response to “A Slave Revolt In Hampton Roads?”

  1. Jim Buba

    Didn’t Blinky say he’d put them all in chains?

    I don’t think he remembers emulating LBJ

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    14 August 2012: Campaigning in Danville, Virginia, – Biden threatened a largely Black audience that Republicans “…will put you’all back in chains”.