A Short Lesson On Censorship

Posted November 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Silencing and intimidating political opposition is as old as mankind,  – which is why the United States is such a unique concept….
But the would-be thought police and dictators keep trying…

YouTube at first tried to censor this video….

Got kids and grand-kids in school or in college?  Do you have any idea how much censorship they’re being subjected to – EACH DAY!

Take a hard look at what your local union schoolteachers are telling your kids,  – and what they are forbidding them to even talk about.

WHY do you think they’re brushing over US and World History?

Voters who don’t know HISTORY – are too stupid to understand how evil Obama and Hillary are….

Ask your high school senior or recent grad to name one (1) major land battle and one (1) major naval battle from World War One – who fought and what was the outcome.

If they can’t – try again for World War Two….   Good Luck!

So-called “Liberals”….are anything but!

2 Responses to “A Short Lesson On Censorship”

  1. Catherine

    The key to fighting back – legally, because that is how WE fight – is to shine a bright light on their tactics EVERY time they are being used. Roaches scatter when the lights are turned on; these underhanded tactics likewise go silent.

  2. Mt Woman

    Kimberly presents her facts well. If Hillary wins next week, it will be too late to stop the carnage on our liberty!