A Shooting And A Riot In Memphis

Posted June 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Summer 2019 starts with US Marshals trying to serve a warrant on a known violent offender – who pulled a rifle on them – and was killed on the spot.

Of course the Black Community (his customers?) became outraged, – rioted into the night hurling stones and bricks at the police.  26 cops injured.

To hear a little of what young Brandon was like – click on this video link and watch / listen to how Black lives don’t matter much in the Black Communities where they live – – particularly don’t seem to matter to the young Blacks themselves.

If you found Brandon’s rambling a little hard to understand,  you now understand what a TOTAL FAILURE our union-infested inner-city public school systems are.

This is the lasting shame of the 8-year Obama Legacy – he totally wasted 8 precious years to change Black attitudes about being perpetual victims waiting for reparations and accepting handouts from their local Democrats.

Obama could have been a role model, a teacher,  a mentor,  – leading Blacks away from their enslavement to poverty pimps and drug dealers.  Instead, Obama chose to stir the pot and set back the clock – by 60 years.

Brandon Webber was just 9 years old when Obama was elected.

NOTE: Even the local Fox station brands Webber as a “College Student”…thus fanning the flames….

Chaos and racial hatred:  These summer race riots are EXACTLY what George Soros is hoping for as he funds the AntiFA goons and Black Lives Matter frauds across our land.

I expect to see more of this in Memphis tonight…

UPDATE:  Friday, 14 June 2019   AND,…as more FACTS come in,  it turns out that Webber was driving a car he STOLE,  – from a man he SHOT 5 TIMES!

3 Responses to “A Shooting And A Riot In Memphis”

  1. panther 6

    Where is Colin K when he could really make a difference? Why are our leaders of all races not beating the “Obey the Police and be a good citizen, that will keep you alive” drum. This issue frustrates me and so I will shut up. The shooting is a shame but apparently the lad asked for it. The rioting is inexcusable.

  2. Kojack

    Another happy ending followed by an AA/EOE protected class riot. Hopefully ALL of the businesses in the area will move out permanently

  3. Walter Knight

    Memphis was lost long ago. Black racists drove white people out, and black juries refuse to convict even serial killers. It’s a shit hole.