A Shark Makes A House Call

Posted January 19th, 2011 by Iron Mike
Hu Jintao
Hu Jintao

Our loan shark is coming to make a house call.  He wants reassurance that we intend to pay up.  He’s adding a few conditions.  And he may break a leg or two to make his point.

Throughout history people poor and powerful have fallen victim to bad decisions and ended up with their lives in the hands of loan sharks.  The sharks will always be there.  It’s your choice to go swimming in their ocean.

Sharks prey on the weak-minded, the poor, those who want to live beyond their means, and those who are very naïve about the true nature of sharks. 

As a country we have been living way beyond our means.  We’ve been spending money we borrowed from the loan shark.  $900 Billion – more than we can repay in your lifetime.

Now the Shark is making the rules for repayment.  He’s saying our money is no good; we’ll have to use his.  And he wants more than money.  He wants us out of the Indian Ocean and the Western Pacific.  He wants us to acknowledge in a visible way [more than just Obama bowing] that he is the social and political equal to us.  He wants to put us back in our place. 

The Shark is building aircraft carriers, stealth fighters, cruise missiles, new trans-ocean submarines [launching missiles off our coast to prove it], going into space, and devaluing our dollar. 

We have something the Shark wants.  Land for growing food. He has four times the mouths to feed that we do.  And customers for his manufactured goods.  And strategically placed allies that he wants to control throughout the 21st Century.

Three years ago the Shark was counting on a Clinton presidency.  He got Obama instead, and the man’s narcissism and instability, and his choice of a VP, and his fixation on socialism are all disturbing to the Shark.  The Narcissist needs to be reigned in, kept on a tight leash.  So the Shark is making a house call.

This is exactly how wars start.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “A Shark Makes A House Call”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    Why is Hu any different from Mao, Dung or any of his predecessors? China remains a police state with no freedoms. The workers live over their factories are paid meanial wages and owe their lives and souls to the company store. A state dinner for this dictator, thank you Harry Reid, is an affront to all the prisoners held in China. The shark comes to Washington to check on his vig. The head of Tibet came last year and was shuffled out the back door. Do we live in parallel universes?

  2. asusue

    Nothing to add here, Mike. Very well said.