A Second Latino Bernie Babe QUITS

Posted May 25th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Did the lack of Mexicans in Vermont cause Bernie to grow old not caring about,  – or not even noticing Hispanics and Latinos?

As the Socialist Buzzard grows old,  his flock of impassioned millennials are beginning to understand what an old fraud he is,…particularly as Trump’s tax cuts make the economy better for almost all Americans.   They can even find work.

Catalina Velasques has followed Lucy Flores out the door of the Revolution – citing the same perceived indifference to “Latino issues” (open border / no wall / free stuff / easy path to citizenship) that Lucy cited in April.

Catalina’s issues and position is more complicated,  – she is both an illegal immigrant and a transgender person….  Perhaps ICE will take notice,  – now that she’s made herself and her status so very public?

Trust me Folks,  at RRB we’re not mocking those people God made with dual or ambiguous plumbing fixtures.   We won’t question HIS wisdom.

But we will mock those like Catalina and Lucy who couldn’t think their way past the simple-minded socialism of Bernie Sanders,  – a man who never held a paying job in the real world.

In 2015 and 2016 he was certainly the 21st Century Pied Piper to the generation of miseducated millennials,  – who all believed that somehow ‘government’ could erase their debts and make them happy.

Lucy Flores overcame a broken home,  life on the streets,  and a juvenile criminal record to get through college, – through law school,  – and become a 2-term Nevada Assemblywoman.

With THAT background she should have been a natural Republican;  – but it seems she wanted to believe in easy government solutions.  Guess she didn’t study much History.

So she finally figured out two years too late that Bernie has his OWN agenda,  – and it’s called Bernie Sanders.

In 2016 – when facing imminent Arkancide,  – he quickly endorsed Hillary and took the cash to buy his retirement home on North Hero Island.

At least Lucy is an attorney.  As of this morning I hear that Harvey Weinstein may need a legal team….

One Response to “A Second Latino Bernie Babe QUITS”

  1. Panther 6

    Bernie should be history and the loss of some of his minority supporters should not go unnoticed and should help MAKE HIM HISTORY. He is a bloody old fool who should not be allowed to get near a microphone or run for Poop Patrol Leader, although scooping up poop might just suit his style.