A Scary Night In Iowa

Posted November 14th, 2015 by Iron Mike

America’s three leading Socialist / Communists / liars try to convince American voters that we should become a European country….
Socialist love fest
Even though they’d agreed on the questions in advance – they clearly don’t like each other very much.  I think Bernie hates Hillary.  That’s a plus for him, – if he doesn’t fly away…    O’Malley got applause when he called Trump “an immigrant-bashing carnival barker…”
Videos below the fold:  Note – Bernie the Buzzard starts flapping his wings about 1 minute into the event….

PART 2: If you can take it…

PART 3: If you can take it…

PART 4: If you can take it… Hillary defends her Wall Street donors…Sanders tells her “Not good enough”…   Hillary claims her 9/11 work justifies Wall Street donors, – and claims that most of her donors are women.

PART 5: If you can take it… Progressives vs Conservatives & Gun Control & Hillary’s emails [listen to Hillary cackle].  Still claims Republicans are repressing voting…

PART 6: If you can take it…  Crisis Management experience?   Hillary claims credit for taking out bin Laden.  Bernie still flapping his wings and calling for a Communist Revolution. 

By now it was so lame that CBS ended the debate early….

THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS:     A lifetime Commie, a lifetime LIAR,   and a failed MoonBat mayor & governor who taxed rainwater….

If you watched that – and are happy, – you too are a commie, – and you don’t understand why America is different, – and thus great.

If you’re like me,  – you’re scared that people so na?ve and/or so cunning can survive in American politics,…and that Democrats are seriously looking at them…

6 Responses to “A Scary Night In Iowa”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I commend you Mike for watching this Stars Wars Bar Scene, I just couldn’t take it without an extra dose of Prilosec. The acid reflex that I get when I see and hear Hillary and then Bernie is bad for my stomach and my whole digestive system. I wonder how the ratings will be? Of course the MSM, in their usual conciliatory manner, will fudge the numbers to make the adiemus look like they are so relevant, but we know in our heart of hearts that they are flushing themselves down the proverbial toilet.

    Let’s see what the Talking Heads say today on those boring Sunday Quiz Shows?

  2. William Clark

    Interesting review on Fact Check – Last Democratic Debate 7 facts wrong among the candidates. Last Republican Debate 66 facts wrong among the candidates.

    Jay Leno quipped a new Ben Carson campaign slogan:

    “Black LIES Matter”


    Really Willie – you’re yet ANOTHER Democrat attacking a Black Conservative…? Really?

    “Black LIES Matter!” – the ENTIRE Theme of the Obama pResidency!

  3. Mark

    Only the Dihimicrat party can talk about climate change when there are really big problems headed here by the thousands.


    for a commie/liberal hillary is a good debater, facts matter little to her, sheer bluster told by one of the greatest liar america ever produced.Should face TED CRUZ the facts will matter.

  5. Sherox

    The problem is that we have allowed our youth to be brainwashed. The fault lies with us. Until we retake education and our culture, we will continue to see more and more of the same.

  6. Kojack

    Sherox – that is exactly why I think ultimately that we cannot win without a Pinochet style coup in order to stop the bleeding and then put in measures to reverse the damage.

    Willie you’re such a tool…imagine FDR and Churchill ignoring the Nazis and discussing climate change?!?!?!
    The bitch of Bengahzi who put classified intel on a server in a bathroom doesn’t lie?!?!?!

    What an fucking moronic quisling you are.