A Rough Weekend For Hillary

Posted March 14th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Another high-profile Progressive bites his tongue, then bites the dust.

Philip J. “P J” Crowley, Massachusetts native, Holy Cross grad, retired USAF Colonel, White House lackey during the Clinton era, frequent suck-up guest on Lehrer News Hour, Keith Olbermann’s Countdown, Chris Matthews’ Hardball, NPR’s Talk of the Nation, and others, – – supposedly an expert at public speaking [he was Asst SecState for Public Affairsopened his liberal mouth once too often.

Last Thursday talking at MIT in Cambridge, MA [of course], Crowley criticized the Pentagon’s detention in Quantico Brig of WikiLeaker and Army Traitor PFC Bradley Manning.

Liberals tend to be smug and cocky. They always know it all.  So when a young audience member asked him to comment on “the army torturing a prisoner [Manning]  in a military brig”, he quickly became undiplomatic, saying that “What’s being done to Bradley Manning by my colleagues at the Department of Defense is ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.”

In fairness: he DID NOT admit or give substantive credence to the word torture.  But he FAILED to refute it.

So a senior liberal guy falls into the trap baited by a junior liberal guy.  Obama got questioned about it during his press conference on his very busy Friday.

So now it looks like another member of the Clinton’s inner circle [the circle that hates Obama] is out of control.  Another dent in Hillary’s armor.  Another reason to sack her in disgrace before she can launch a 2012 presidential bid. Oops. Damn!

PJ resigned late Saturday. Maybe he’ll go back to work at the über-liberal Center for American Progress, – or maybe MSNBC will find a talk spot for him. He won’t starve, he still has his Colonel’s retirement pay, complete with PX and Commissary privileges and medical coverage.

Here is what you should take away.  The various big departments under Obama – State, Defense, National Intelligence, and Homeland Security don’t get much pResidential attention, aren’t required to work together, and are relatively adrift to do their own thing.


Because Obama’s agenda has to do with Socialism. Period!!

He wants to nationalize your health care,  your educational systems,  and your energy consumption. He wants to change the basic fabric of American society and culture by letting in a tsunami of illegal immigrants from the Third World.  He wants America brought to her knees.

He really doesn’t care about State, Defense, Intelligence, or Homeland Security. He doesn’t see radical Islam as a threat. Why should he?  He is a Muslim.

Crowley’s sudden discomfort and resignation merely proves that there are all kinds of liberals, progressives, and traitors working within our government to destroy free market capitalism and dismantle our constitutional republic. They’re just not all working together. Thank God!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

NOTE: Former Sp4 Manning has just harvested his first Colonel/Under-Secretary.  Wait until the generals start going down.

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