A ‘Return’ Of Your Money America

Posted June 9th, 2011 by Iron Mike

Worried about all the US $$ in Chinese hands?

Not to worry America – the Chinese are starting to ship it back.

Oops, they’re coming with it.
They’re starting to buy America.

Ever heard of a ‘self-sustaining city’?

The plan starts small – a few warehouses, living quarters for workers, a few small factories, shops and retail stores.

The China National Machinery Industry Corporation [Sinomach] plans that it will become a 50-square mile self-sustaining city – modeled after Shenzhen, China.

NOTE: in the early 1970s Shenzhen was a fishing village. Today it is a city of 14 million.

And who owns Sinomach?  Try the Chinese Communist Party.  Are you starting to feel all warm and fuzzy about this deal? 

This is Boise – today…

Ask yourselfwhy haven’t you been hearing about this in the news?

Why hasn’t Obama been bragging about this ‘new investment’ in one of his daily teleprompter events?

WHY is this flying under the radar? Has the Press been obsessed with Weiner’s weiner? Which story is more important?

Seems the Chinese have similar interests in Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania – all the rust-belt areas where cash-strapped states will look at the cash and not at the consequences.  State governors and state legislatures will be acting like runaway teenage girls at the bus stop – easy prey for pimps flashing a roll of greenbacks.

Local and state officials will be all aglow with ‘jobs-jobs’-jobs!’


Here’s the Chinese trick:  

The real money-making jobs will be done by Chinese.

The taxpayer-funded infrastructure jobs – the new roads – the new schools – the new hospitals – will all be paid for by – [drum roll please] – the US TAXPAYERS!

And since these ‘Self-Sustaining Cities’ will be in one of the 257 ‘foreign trade zones‘ – they WON’T have to pay taxes!!  They will essentially be little pieces of Communist China – probably with a big degree of Chinese diplomatic sovereignty – right in the middle of the USA!

And you were worried about massive Mexican migration over our Southern Border?

China has a population of 1,332,000,000

Mexico has a mere 111,000,000 – just 1/12th of that.

Much of China is not very suited for human habitation. It’s called the Gobi Desert. China’s population is crammed along the coast, and even by restricting births China is running out of room for people. The vast unpopulated areas of the American and Canadian West are very inviting.

And since our current pResident really likes Socialism, and really doesn’t believe in borders, and doesn’t have a clue about how the world really works, – for the Chinese there is no time like the present. He even has a half-brother living in China. Perfect!

Remember a few years ago when they tried to buy a naval base in Long Beach? The Chinese plan in 100-year increments.  Americans plan as far as the next election cycle, – or their next paycheck.

Imagine – a half-million Chinese workers here – suddenly allowed to have as many kids as they wanted . . .

Wouldn’t your liberal Democrats want them to be instant US Citizens?

All those Chinese kids going through your school systems now – earning PhDs and getting good jobs in high tech – – you really think they’re all just economic refugees?  They’re really all very friendly. Right?

They couldn’t possibly be the advanced party. Nah!

See if ANY of the political candidates in 2012 will talk about this. See if they even KNOW anything about it. Remember – it’s not getting any ink in the MSM.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!                                         h/t Big Tom

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  1. Howard

    Lets not forget the Red China flag flying at the Acton MA Town Hall a few years back. Your Town Iron Mike. Have pic. if you would like.