A Republican President’s Russian Connection

Posted June 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

To us old-timers,…it seems like just yesterday….before the Clintons and the Obama’s…
…and it was a magic moment in World History.

Speaking of US presidents with Russian connections….how come the Senate Intelligence Committee isn’t investigating this conspiracy….

Or,…are they just trying to keep their uneducated and uninformed base stirred up against Trump…?


One Response to “A Republican President’s Russian Connection”

  1. Catherine

    There is nothing REAL against Mr Trump – so they have to INVENT problems. Not only to demonize him, but to keep him so busy fighting off attacks that he cannot do the work we sent him to do!

    I pray they fail, utterly and completely – and expose their own vile hatred for this country AND the people (especially the ones they claim to “care about” but seek to ruin), to their own ruination.