A Reasonable Fear Of Asset Forfeiture?

Posted February 6th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Just days before Christmas,  Trump signed an Executive Order for asset forfeiture of all property and holdings of persons involved in serious human rights abuses and human trafficking….

Did that EO cause certain bad actors to begin liquidating their stock holdings in the belief that they might soon be targeted?   With all the good economic news here in the USA,  – and around the world,  – there is no logical explanation for such a massive stock sell-off,  – except panic by bad actors followed by programmed selling by the big financial houses.

Was last Tuesday’s SOTU Address the final nail in the Left-Wing’s forlorn hopes for a Trump Impeachment?   His address chronicled a series of economic milestones,  including lowest Black unemployment figures ever recorded,….

.and the Democrats nearly to a man sat sullen and defiant,  – refusing to stand for MS-13 victims, military heroes,  police heroes,  not even for a North Korean escapee to Freedom.

None of them had voted for the Tax Reforms and Tax Cuts….they could take not a smidgen of credit.  They could only sulk,  knowing their Goddess Hillary would never stand where Trump was….

Thus did it finally dawn on the bad actors that despite the ongoing farce of Robert Mueller’s 17-lawyer Russian collusion investigation,  – that Trump is not going to be impeached,  – and is likely to be re-elected by happy and again-prosperous American voters in 2020?

Did that little-noticed December 21st Executive Order suddenly loom large over people with large holdings and tiny morals…?

Pucker up pedophiles!  BOHICA!

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