A Racial Killing In Georgia

Posted July 10th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Where-Oh-WHERE are Sharpton, Jackson, and Jealous?
Mableton Georgia Murder Josh Chellew

It’s been ten (10) full days since four black gang members in Mableton, GA – a suburb west of Atlanta – set upon a white man pumping gas, beat him severely – and chased him into the street where he was hit and killed by a passing motorist.  Where is the NEWS?  Why no marches for ‘Justice for Josh’?  Why no t-shirt sales?

A white man and his girlfriend stopped for gas at the Chevron Station on Mableton Parkway just after 1 AM Sunday night – June 30th. Joshua Heath Chellew was set upon by four black men – who beat him and backed him into the road.  The motorist who struck him stopped and dialed 911.

Four Pebblebrook thugs
Arrested: Antonio Pass – 19, Johnathan Anthony – 18, Jekari Strozier – 19, and Kemonta Bonds – 18, – all of Mableton.  The killing took place exactly 1 mile from where they went to high school.

Were these four in any emboldened by having Obama as their president?  If Obama had sons, – would they look anything like these men?

Mableton is 38% Black, 38% White and 18% Hispanic.  I guess that’s not black enough for Al, Jesse, and Ben – America’s official poverty pimps.

Or maybe they’re getting ready for the Zimmerman acquittal – to stir up the expected race riots – al la Rodney King?

One wonders what the outcome might have been,…if either Josh or his girlfriend had been armed that night…  Who would be awaiting trial…?

5 Responses to “A Racial Killing In Georgia”

  1. Tom

    According to the current guidelines of the main stream media, it is only a racial killing if it is white on black or white hispanic on black. They continually overlook the black on black violence in cities such as Chicago and Detroit, long time Democrat strongholds with outrageous gun control laws that have proven to be ineffective.
    This all started with the OJ Simpson trial and the media has used these show trials to boost their ratings and inflame those who will be ready to show their displeasure at the verdict.

  2. Kojack

    According to a recent Rassmusen poll even blacks thinks they are more racist than whites by 31% to 24%.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Given the papers the Judicial Watch got on a Freedom of Information Act Request, that show that the Justice Dept sent people down to Florida to help Organize the Protests, etc., Why are you surprised? This killing doesn’t fit their agenda21 policies. Check out the Judicial Watch website. It’s all there.

  4. Sam Adams

    The only question I have is why the hell are we putting up with this $hitty government?

  5. Larry Taylor

    Bitch shut up you racist faggot.


    Welcome to RRB Larry.

    Do you have anything to add to the story, – other than your own racist invectives?

    Do you know the four defendants?