A Quiet Hero And A Public Fool

Posted October 16th, 2011 by Iron Mike

…and one VERY FAT doctor!

Such a simple question: “Governor – give us an accounting of the $$ your administration is spending on the 160,000+ illegal immigrants you are harboring here in ‘sanctuary’ Massachusetts.”

Of course Duh-val Patrick wants that kept a secret – lest voters become rightly outraged.

So first-term freshman State Rep Jim Lyons of the badly gerrymandered 18th Essex began a 24-hour camp-out in the House Chamber.

Lyons the Lion was rightly pissed when his amendment requiring the accounting was ‘mysteriously removed’ from the combined House-Senate final version of the $500,000,000.oo Supplemental Budget.

Lyons’ camp-out “Operation Occupy House” meant that his objection could force a formal Yeas-&-Nays vote – something our Mass MoonBat legislators are fearful of having recorded.

You know Jim can be tough. Last Nobember he beat 4-term MoonBat Barbara L’Italien for that seat.  She would NEVER have demanded an accounting.  She of course went right to work for our new State Treasurer $teve Gro$$man – for a reported $100,000.oo / year. 

Finally Duh-val had enough, – probably didn’t want a bigger spotlight shining on his growing Democratic Illegal Voter Farm.

He directed his Secretary of Health and Human Services JudyAnn Bigby, MD – to provide the accounting.

Doctor Bigby is well named. She is likely the FATTEST DOCTOR in the Commonwealth. 

But she is Black – and FEMALE – and that’s all Duh-val cared about when he appointed her.

Hell of an example you set for diet, nutrition, and exercise for poor Black women here in MassHole Doc!

As busy as you are hiding the numbers from our elected officials, are you getting ENOUGH to EAT and DRINK?


So with the crisis passed, Duh-val armed himself with a Starbucks [to appear casual] and went for a stroll around Tent City in Dewey Square, now called Occupy Boston. 

He found out quickly that he is unpopular with today’s militant socialist komrads – and they all know he lives in a $2,000,000.oo mansion – with another one in the Berkshires.

Duh-val is coming to realize that HE is one of the ‘rich’ they want to eat.  Oops.

Hey Duh-val, when they come for you – can you defend yourself?

Do you own a gun?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


3 Responses to “A Quiet Hero And A Public Fool”

  1. Sherox

    Proud of you, Jim.

    As for the Occupy _____…it’s time for all the other law-abiding groups to file a discrimination lawsuit.

  2. Jim Buba

    And while your at it, filing lawsuits, one should be filed against the Governor for aiding and abetting the criminals that have acted against the citizens of the Commonwealth in the absence of Secure Communities.

    Oh, I see, SC wouldn’t guarantee results. Ok, then a class action might be in order.

  3. Lonie Brennan

    1. Jim Lyons is one of only a handful of adults on Beacon Hill. He is magnificent. Smart, tough, and he can’t be bought like the others up there.

    2. PRAY FOR COLD NIGHTS, LOTS OF RAIN, and HIGH WINDS for all the moonbats camping out in Boston.