A Pretty Iranian Face On John Kerry’s Staff

Posted May 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

What are we to believe?   John Kerry – the very same guy who picked lover-boy John Edwards as his VP Running Mate – had a pretty Iranian woman working on his staff as he ‘negotiated’ the Nuclear Bomb Give-Away….
Sahar Nowrouzzadeh Iranian agent
Is Sahar Nowrouzzadeh a patriotic Iranian-American,  – an Iranian sympathizer,…or an Iranian plant?

Kerry with Sahar and John Edwards

If everything else about both Kerry’s life story and Obama’s life story was open, transparent, and thoroughly vetted,…we wouldn’t have a shred of suspicion

Kerry lying to Congress

But Kerry has been betraying his country since the late 1960s,  testified falsely under oath before Congress 45 years ago this week,  – and then went to meet the North Vietnamese in Paris.

Jarrett born in IranObama’s life story remains a well-hidden mystery well sprinkled with shady characters and anti-American activists.

Is he a secret Twelver as well…?

Remember that his assistant and most trusted advisor Valerie Jarrett was BORN in Iran.

Sahar is very close to Obama…

Sahar close to Obama

Sahar fully immersed in Muslim activity;  – where are her loyalties?

Sahar fully immersed in Muslim activity

As we move to within 6 months of the November presidential election,  – we should remind Democrats that we want to know about their Candidates,  – and there is way too much we don’t know about either Hillary or Sanders…..

What was given away

What will a Republican President have to undo?

Iranian Missile

UPDATE:   Sat 22 April 2017   Sahar Nowrouzzadeh has been demoted and re-assigned within the State Department,  removing her from Rex Tillerson’s policy planning team and back to the Iranian Affairs Section.

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  1. Walter Knight

    Trump won’t hold back when debating Clinton and her fellow liberal Democrats. It’s going to be fun to watch.