A Poignant Chelmsford Afternoon

Posted October 20th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It was a small quiet low-key event – the unveiling of an Eagle Scout’s Community Service Project.  The accidental and unexpected confluence of two very good families nearly overwhelmed me.

Eagle Scout John Clancy constructed a Flag Retirement Drop-Off Box at the Sunny Meadow Farm. Drop off your worn,  faded,  and tattered flag,  – and the Scouts will take it from there….

Clancy chose to dedicate the site to one of Chelmsford’s most patriotic and hard-working citizens, my dear departed friend Tom Gilroy.  I expected to see familiar Gilroy faces….and I did…

What I hadn’t expected was that young John is the grandson of another dear and familiar face from my past,  – former software entrepreneur Jim Clancy,  – a client and friend of mine from back in my headhunting days.

Standing there in the afternoon sun,  – seeing that John is living up to everything that Tom had wanted for Chelmsford’s young people,….and to have his grandpa recognize me after 30+ years,…was a highly satisfying moment in this old soldier’s life.

I’d met Tom in the early days of the TEA Party Movement – we did many a stand-out together,  and he was a regular commenter on RRB,  – always adding his knowledge and wisdom to the subject at hand.

These days I routinely feel his presence – at my elbow,  – as I write about world events.  He’d traveled half the world for Raytheon,  – actually knew many of the people I blogged about.  I miss him greatly.

With all the assholes in the world trying to control our lives and steal our taxes,  it is worth remembering patriotic families like the Clancys and the Gilroys,  – who have always given back far more than they need to!

2 Responses to “A Poignant Chelmsford Afternoon”

  1. Varvara

    Glad to hear we have good people and good scouts.

  2. Panther 6

    Amen and a good cause ensuring that our national emblem gets proper treatment at the end of its life. Well done Clancy’s-Gilmore’s and Scouts.