A Peaceful Republican Caucus

Posted April 30th, 2016 by Iron Mike

I spend most of the day at the Groton-Dunstable High School – scene of the Mass 3rd CD Caucus.  It was much better than years past!   Thank GOD!
3rd CD Caucus
It was a beautiful day,  and Republicans supporting Trump and Cruz gathered in the morning sun,  – to bolster supporters and win over converts. I was gathering signatures and enjoying familiar faces.

Things started on time despite unnecessarily long lines, and moved in an orderly if painfully slow pace until the final ballot was cast.   The audio set was terrible. 

3rd CD Caucus 1st Ballot

The atmosphere was cordial – something I’d not seen 4 years ago… At least here Republicans seem to have learned their lessons.

You should be thankful to the fairly large number of good Republicans willing to be delegates and alternates, – willing to pay their own way to Cleveland this summer and represent us despite whatever chaos and Soros-funded violence may be taking place outside the building.

Quicken Arena

Here are the unofficial results statewide….

Mass Caucus Results 30 April 2016

Baker ChristieRemember:  Our RiNO Governor Charlie Baker – who endorsed Chris Christie 5 days before Christie imploded – is not a fan of EITHER Trump or Cruz.

He is likely to try twisting the arms of the delegates to get them to vote for Bush, Kasich, or Romney on a 2nd or 3rd ballot.

He cannot be trusted,…so we’ll have to trust in these delegates to hold firm.

RRB at Groton Caucus

2 Responses to “A Peaceful Republican Caucus”

  1. Clinton ma tea party


  2. Jim Gettens

    Worcester Telegram & Gazette article, 1 May: Baker did not attend caucuses yesterday, will not attend National Convention.

    I assume that’s because he’s really a Democrat like the rest of his family.

    I didn’t see Brock Cordeiro on your posted roster. That’s a Conservative victory in itself!


    Maybe Brock didn’t want to have to buy two (2) plane tickets…