A New York Style “Thank You”

Posted December 3rd, 2012 by Iron Mike

Sabotage, threats and intimidation.

What happens when a tree service company comes from Tulsa to Long Island to help in the Sandy Cleanup effort?  The local goons use sabotage to scare him off.

Paul Nosak runs a tree service in Tulsa.  In 2010 he ran for Lieutenant Governor there, and he’s also produced a TV show about the work of his crew.  He came to Long Island with his crew to help in the clean-up.

The locals met him with varying degrees of warmth. 

Any wonder that across this country folks hold New Yorkers in such low regard? 

2 Responses to “A New York Style “Thank You””

  1. Tom

    Elections have consequences and the union thugs believe that with the reelection of the Obamunists, they have not only a mandate, but the pResident owes them for their monetary and manual support. Look for more of these strong armed tactics and card check will raise its ugly head again, maybe as just another unconstitutional executive order or tacked onto “fiscal cliff” legislation.


    Coming from NYC I know all about unions. This is not the first time and it won’t be the last time threats have been and will be used. Just think, the truck can’t go anywhere; they can stay and continue doing work.

    The same thing happened in NJ. Volunteers came up to help and a rather roly poly, round person told them to go home because they were not union.