A New MassGOP Born?

Posted March 9th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Quietly and with very little fanfare, Mass Republican Voters went to the polls Tuesday and picked Mitt Romney as their favorite to beat Obama.

And across the state they also voted in 38 NEW members to the State Committee. Two more contests await the counting of write-ins.

By all that’s fair – it should signal the Dawn of a New Era on Merrimac Street – and across our pathetic RiNO-infested Commonwealth.

But Tuesday was just the end of a chapter. A new one begins when the results are certified to Galvin’s office. From Merrimac Street I hear the audible grinding of teeth.

Tuesday’s results mean a new balance of power.  New blood – Conservative blood – will be attending the next quarterly meeting.

These new members will not be made to feel welcome.  The ‘old boys and old girls’ will make every effort to belittle and demean them, to treat them as ‘fresh off the boat’ – and to relegate them to the back of the room – were the unwanted spectators stand.

They’ll be lectured to in private and in public – told that for now EVERYthing is ALL ABOUT MITT!

They’ll be told to table all other issues until after the election.

And they’ll be probed to see where they’re vulnerable, – maybe at work, maybe in their community, maybe they can be bullied or bribed.

They will begin to see, hear, and feel the ugly side of insider politics – while still not being welcomed to the inner circle.

Chairman Runty Maginn has money to spread around too!  Mitt’s money.  The weakest will be offered bribes to ‘go along to get along’. The old-timers already know this dance step.

    But the RiNOs should heed the wake-up call.

The mood is changing here in MassHole. Between über-liberal Democrats and ooey-gooey RepubliCrats, voters have begun to figure out why the jobs are leaving the state just as fast as their retiring neighbors.

It’s time to put our Citizens and our Voters FIRST!

   This Gawd-damned socialist experiment is untenable!

Government pre-occupation with stuffing payrolls, gay sex laws, marijuana, gambling, and coddling illegals has worn very thin. It’s also proving unaffordable.

The returning Committee Critters better look at their election results carefully. Many barely squeaked out a win. My own critter won a 3-way race – but 55% of those who voted did NOT want him back.

The major embarrassments of the MassGOP need to be changed or tossed out – pronto!

– We need a genuine and unapologetic conservative state platform, and a statewide campaign.

– We need to dump Chocolate Pants; – his associations with Hugo Chavez border on treasonous.

– We need to become inclusive of special interest groups [single-agenda groups] – WITHOUT catering to them.

– We need to welcome and embrace the TEA Parties as allies and partners. They are true Patriots. They’re NOT the enemies of Republicans!

– We need to stand up for the unborn, the 2nd Amendment, and the 10th Amendment. Since WHEN is an illegal alien – with a criminal history – more precious or more important to us than an unborn baby?

If after Tuesday the MassGOP cannot or will not stand tall for traditional Republican and Conservative Principles – they can EXPECT the ‘un-enrolled’ or ‘independent’ voters to remain skeptical – and distant.

To all the New Members and returning Conservatives, – I tip my hat to you, – I wish you both courage and energy, and I will gladly stand with you in the fight.

Force the fossils to change – or step aside – and let’s see if the MassGOP can be made worthy of voter time, sweat, and money.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Oh, and we also need a new WEB SITE – complete with members’ contact information. What are you old fossils afraid of, actually talking to your voters about issues?

The MassGOP website should be speaking a Clear Republican Message that any candidate or voter can be proud to stand on. Right now I’m pretty sure that this blog and RedMassGroup are getting far more hits.

One Response to “A New MassGOP Born?”

  1. Jim Buba

    With unity in mind, leave us not forget our duty.

    No more ‘We should…’. From here on out it is ‘We will…’

    And that is all there is to it.