A New LOW For American “Journalism”….

Posted June 28th, 2016 by Iron Mike

FOX:   Clinton KNOWINGLY Misled….
Knowingly misled
Now see what the OTHER media outlets are saying…

…talk about knowingly misleading the lapdogs….

CNN:   “no new bombshells…”

CNN Report


NBC:   “no new blame for Clinton”

NBC News


And now ABC and Hillary’s friend Martha Raddatz don’t even mention her name – but use an unflattering photo of Trey Gowdy….

ABC Report

Do you remember Martha Raddatzgazing upon Hillary with adoring eyes…?

Martha Raddatz loves hillary

Bernie never stood a chance….

Now you understand why your Democrat neighbors and co-workers seem so utterly ignorant and politically naïve,….

…the so-called ‘news programs’ they’re watching either sugar-coat the bad stuff,  – or never bother to mention it at all….

Now, thanks to a generation of being fed bullshit, – in the schools and by the media,…

– neither your local Democrats or our national media can even recognize the truth…

.which is why Democrats were so quick to blame America for 9/11

….and why 11 years later they could not / will not understand Benghazi,….

…or why now they’re gleefully blaming GUNS for an ISIS Muslim terrorist killing 49 gays in Orlando.

Is a reporter – or a network – which gives aide, comfort, and cover to a sworn enemy of our country – just as guilty of treason as a Benedict Arnold,  a Vidcun Quisling,  or Julius and Ethel Rosenberg…?

Should the penalty be the same?

Rosenbergs Executed

3 Responses to “A New LOW For American “Journalism”….”

  1. Mt Woman

    Sad, isn’t it!! We lost 4 Americans and the jets to try and get them out never even left Tripoli–they apparently were not directly told to “stand down” but were just not on the mental or professional radar of the President, Secy of State, Secy of Defense or any of the other administration’s “suits” who were so confused by what was happening that they couldn’t make a rational decision. Profile in courage–not hardly–it was a profile in mass confusion!

  2. Panther 6

    I believe it was confusion and a political decision solely to help get BO re elected. Four men died, one in a horrible fashion A man Hillary sent to his doom really.

  3. Kojack

    I finally saw the movie “13 hours” which is based on the book of the same name about the planned assault on Benghazi. It was written by the CIA contractor nick-named Tanto who was there.

    They pleaded for an F-16 fly-over and they couldn’t even get that because no one wanted to take responsibility Sad.