A New Iron Curtain Across Europe

Posted April 23rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

The World pays a terrible price when we Americans elect fools.
Truman Obama 1945 to 2014

Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, Obama
– all utter noviciates in the Arts of Warfare and Geo-Politics. Worse, they were all idealistic dreamers, fools, – and racists. Because they were both inept and foolish, unable to envision unwanted consequences, – millions died, – and millions were enslaved.

This is the stark, ugly, real History that Democrats desperately want forgotten. Only today it’s back!

Woodrow Wilson’s insistence on his 14 Points and the League of Nations, and his total misunderstanding of the greater world – set the stage for the Treaty of Versailles – and sowed the seeds which would lead to World War II.

Wilson, a quiet but seething racist – ordered our military segregated. Following our Civil War, the military had done a good job of self-integrating. Wilson set us back 50 years.

FDR’s preoccupation with his New Deal and getting re-elected led him to largely ignore the rise of fascism in Italy, Russia, Germany and Japan. He knew nothing of the rise of Mao and the Communists in China.

Truman – a legitimate battlefield hero of WWI – but sadly a poorly educated man – wanted nothing to do with either Europe or Asia after WWII. He foolishly believed that having the Atomic Bomb meant we no longer needed a robust military. Our Army was allowed to wither and deteriorate.

He all but ignored Stalin’s annexing Eastern Europe and sealing it off from the West.

Turned craven when Russia exploded their own A-Bomb, he refused to aid the French in Indochina. THAT would eventually lead us into the Vietnam War, – and eventually to the Cambodian Genocide.

A racist who believed that Chang Kai-shek was a 19th Century warlord and a thug – so he turned his back on him, – allowing Mao a victory that would claim over 60,000,000 Chinese lives. Then came Korea.

Kennedy was a total fraud – NOT a ‘war hero’ as his dad’s public relations machine and later Hollywood would manufacture – out of a PT boat skipper who let his crew get drunk and fall asleep – so they never heard the Jap destroyer that cut them in half.

Kennedy’s weaknesses – all fully known to Khrushchev – led to the building of the Berlin Wall and then the Cuban Missile Crisis.

LBJ thought he was a legitimate war hero – because MacArthur had awarded him a Silver Star – for watching a landing from the safety of a B-17 at 10,000 feet. MacArthur ~ thought ~ the young congressman might be useful some day…

So Johnson piecemealed our troops into South Vietnam trying desperately not to be seen as LOSING A WAR – as Truman had been seen losing in Korea.

Johnson – who had NO CLUE about how to WIN [going north and defeating the NVA at home] – spent hours every day micro-managing bombing attacks on insignificant targets – while our troops died by the hundreds. Then he surrendered.

Carter was another fraud – a man who claimed to be both a preacher and an atomic sub skipper. He’d been a project officer for Rickover – and Rickover was so unimpressed he recommended he NEVER be allowed to command a ship. Carter got out.

But Carter was the consummate racist – he hated both the Jews and the Arabs, – and believing that the Shah of Iran was a thug – threw him under the bus. As a result the Twelvers under Ayatollah Khomeini took over Iran, and they seized our embassy – holding 52 Americans hostage for 444 days – until the very hour Ronald Reagan was being sworn in.

Today – 35 years laterthose same Twelvers are building an EMP nuclear bomb – which if exploded just right – could put the USA back into the early 1900s in a twinkle. Obama appears to be ignoring this threat – lifting the sanctions on Iran.

Bill Clinton – draft dodger, womanizer, corrupt Arkansas Attorney General and Governor – came into the presidency basking in the new world peace and mighty  US military created by Reagan and Bush.

But under his lustful eyes, he ended up defending himself against impeachment while genocides rages across Africa.

Worse, Clinton ordered that key US technology be transferred to the Chinese – who are now openly challenging us for world military and space supremacy.

And then came Obama….a man who openly hates all that America stands for – and is determined to weaken and/or destroy it.

While he focused on ObamaCare and gave speeches almost every day, Vladimir Putin was playing him like a fool, while quietly using gas and oil moneys to rebuild the Russian military and ready his forces for today. He is in the process of rebuilding the old Soviet Union. Ukraine and the Baltic States – and probably Poland – are in his rangefinder.

And all of a sudden it’s 1962 again – and we’re putting troops on the Russian Border – trying to bluff Russian commanders not to attack.

But the Russians have been studying, copying our best equipment, – and studying how we fight.

And they know how spineless and limp-wristed Obama is. A photo from his first year in office pretty much captures it all.

Obama Girly Man

Funny how Obama can order troops to the Polish Border – overnight; – – but somehow our own southern border remains unguarded.

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  1. Casey Chapman

    Funny how Obama can order an insignificant number of troops to poland overnight,but somehow, he thought the antimissile defense wasn’t needed.