A “New Europe”: Austria & Czech Republic

Posted October 17th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Britain, France, Belgium,  and Germany may have surrendered to the invading hordes of Islam, but Central Europe is having none of it!   Maybe it was those decades living under the Nazis and then the Stalinists….

These new guys – Austria’s Sebastian Kurz and Czech Billionaire Andrej Babis  – are not about to follow Merkel and Macron into Jizya servitude.

The Jizyathe tax paid by conquered non-believers each year to their Muslim lords – for the ‘privilege’ of keeping their heads.

That’s exactly what the Western European socialist nations – and Scandinavia are doing today,  – paying a hefty Jizya in the form of welfare payments,  – so their Muslim immigrants can stay at home,  fester in their Muslim rage,  and sporadically commit terrorist murders.


Why do you suppose Nigel Farage and the UKIP wanted to pull Britain out of the European Union?  The EU has fully surrendered to their Muslim invaders!

So new political parties are being formed around the idea of retaining a nation’s national identity – and keeping hostile / non-assimilating foreign barbarians out. The ANO Party in the Czech Republic and the Austrian People’s Party – ÖVP in Austria.

The Left-Wing Media have branded both “Right-Wing Extremists”.

“Extreme” – is not wanting your women gang-raped!

In the months and years to come – don’t get sucked in by the labels used by European and American left-wing media.  These patriots are hardly “Nazis” or racists.

They are facing – just a few hundred miles away – vast hordes of 7th Century militant barbarians – who actually believe non-believers MUST be killed.

Reasoning and kindness doesn’t work.  Barbed wire and bayonets must do the job.

Today, thanks to the legacy of Kings, Nazis, and Communist rulers, – most Europeans aren’t armed.  That has been changing in recent years, – thanks to Muslim terrorism.

In the decades to come, Europe will either fall,  – or you will witness a wholesale bloodbath to expel the invaders.  Strongly suggest you root for the people most like you!

4 Responses to “A “New Europe”: Austria & Czech Republic”

  1. Varvara

    The Prime Minister of Hungry, Victor Orban, has steadfastly stood with Pres. Trump and the west. Austria and the Czech Republic are following his lead. Poland is also pushing back against the E.U. by refusing to take immigrants.

    All these countries are Christian and don’t want to be converted, overrun or become slaves to islam.

  2. Hawk1776

    One estimate shows that by 2020 the majority in France will be Muslim. Europe is under siege. Thanks to Judge Derrick Watson the US will be under siege too. Recall the parable of the snake and the farmer:

    One winter a Farmer found a Snake stiff and frozen with cold. He had compassion on it, and taking it up, placed it in his bosom. The Snake was quickly revived by the warmth, and resuming its natural instincts, bit its benefactor, inflicting on him a mortal wound. “Oh,” cried the Farmer with his last breath, “I am rightly served for pitying a scoundrel.”

  3. Sonny's Mom

    I’m Czech on my mother’s side, Polish on my father’s side. So proud of them!

  4. Kojack

    It seems there is a silver lining to the Soviet occupation of central/eastern Europe after all. It taught them the meaning of what freedom is and they were not taken in by the globalist lefties like their Western European counterparts were. Because they resisted the INVASION OF THE 7th CENTURY SAVAGES they don’t have the birth rate demographic time bomb hanging over them like the rest of Europe does.