A NEW Civil War Has Begun – HERE!

Posted June 23rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

If you think this is about a knee on a neck,  – or police profiling,  – or even about Black Lives,  – you are a naïve fool.   WAKE UP!

This is George Soros using a variety of front groups;  – the Democrats,  the teachers,  BLM,  AntiFA, – and the Left Wing Media to discredit every part of our History,  our Culture,  and our Constitutional Republic.

If a gang of goons can take over a park or a section of a major city,  – pull down statues,  burn and loot stores,  deny entry by the Police and Fire Departments;

…then they can enter your town and your neighborhood,  pull you out of your home,  beat and burn you,  and your local police will stand 2 blocks away watching helplessly…

This is not a “protest movement”;  – this is the opening campaign in a bloody civil war.

Osama bin Laden used 20 expendable young men – Islamic fanatics too young to understand the value of life,  – as his suicide pilots.  He promised them each 72 virgins.

Soros isn’t promising his AntiFA or BLM followers virgins,  – he’s promising them everything you own;  – your home,  – your car,  – ALL your property.

His Marxist zealots are ‘true believers’ – that all History is the story of a few rich exploiting the labor of the masses,  enslaving people of color,  – and exterminating others (they cite the American Indians).

Everybody is a victim who has a right to seek vengeance – “by any means possible”.

Without you being aware of it  – American kids in union-infested public schools have been absorbing this evil propaganda for the past 60 years.

If your young family members believe in “Man-Made Global Warming”,  – they’ve fallen victim to the propaganda – and somehow see “Mother Earth” as a goddess to be worshiped and protected from the “EVIL CAPITALISTS EXPLOITERS”….

It may already be too late to awaken them.  AOC is their new heroine, – they’ll try running her for President in 2024.

Soros is absolutely indifferent as to which of his many sponsored groups prevails, and which ones fall by the wayside, – or are consumed in his Marxist Revolution. All he wants is to see the USA fail, – and a new Socialist / Communist State to arise in it’s place.

He would be just as satisfied if the USA split into six or seven different countries.

Time is VERY short Americans.  The hordes of 21st Century Marxists are on the move – probably targeting statues, towns, and cities near you. 

When the college campuses reopen this fall, – expect sheer chaos.

You need to be ARMED – both MENTALLY and with a reliable WEAPON and plenty of AMMO!

Stock food,  water,  and medical supplies in your home,  vehicle,  and workplace.  The cavalry may never even be sent out to rescue you!

3 Responses to “A NEW Civil War Has Begun – HERE!”

  1. Max

    Thanks for all you do Mike!!!

  2. panther 6

    This has gone far beyond the protest, riot stage. I keep wanting to ask how all this nationwide “resistance” to our nation and its values got started so quickly? It would appear to me, a casual observer of the passing scene, that some clandestine web of folks were prepped, locked and loaded throughout the land and just waiting for the right moment to unleash this turmoil. Could it be George Soros/Antifa or perhaps even OFA and Mr. BHO? Just thinking.

  3. Kojack

    Excellent post, Mike!!!

    Russian collusion, the fake impeachment and the PLANDEMIC are previous stages of the same effort. Those all failed so the SOROS CROWD HIJACKED the horrific murder of George Floyd VEILED IN FAKE RACISM in their latest effort to stop the re-election of President Trump.

    In light of the way things have accelerated over recent decades and especially since 2016, I’m afraid IT IS already too late to reach the X’ers.

    However, if we counter protest effectively enough to drown them out, ENFORCE THE LAW WITH VIGOROUS PROSECUTION OF RIOTERS, LOOTERS AND VANDELS we might be able to avoid the armed conflict stage of the 2nd American Civil War in which we are now embroiled.

    We can fight back by attending pro-American rallies, counter protests and NON-COMPLIANCE BY NOT WEARING THE BURQA MASKS OF SUBMISSION THAT DON’T DO ANYTHING SUBSTANTIAL ANYWAY.