“A National Garden Of American Heroes!”

Posted July 4th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Speaking to the crowd under the Presidential Monument at Mount Rushmore, SD,   – Trump spoke of the stupid and evil people toppling statues in an effort to delegitimize and erase our proud history, – and to destroy our Republic.

He promised to build a National Garden Of American Heroes,  – a vast outdoor park to feature the statues of the greatest American Heroes that ever lived!  video:

The anti-Trump Left is having conniption fits over both just the Mount Rushmore trip – and now the idea of a vast outdoor park – something they’d not thought of.

As this blogger heard Trump utter the words,  – I suddenly saw his vision of a National Theme Park – perhaps on the scale of a Disneyland,  – where families would come for educational vacations,  – where senior trips would come,  – where conservatives would want to be married,  – and where worthy Americans would want to be buried,  – sort of an Arlington for civilians.

Worth noting is that Trump did not make a campaign speech at Mount Rushmore.

He spoke about the 4 American Presidents memorialized there,  what they had done in their service to our Republic,  – and why people who want to erase our History do so with evil intentions.

He was marking America’s 244th Birthday!

South Dakota’s young Governor Kristi Noem (RRB sees a future POTUS) gave a great welcoming speech – clearly a poised and confident Western Girl we can all be proud of!

3 Responses to ““A National Garden Of American Heroes!””

  1. Varvara


  2. panther 6

    I second that.

    I noted that the AOL comment line stated that DJT pushed divisiveness at the Mt. Rushmore speech. I listened and did not get that out of the talk AT ALL. AOL can spew FAKE NEWS as well as the rest of the MSM.

    GOD BLESS and KEEP this great country!

  3. Walter Knight

    Interesting that Obama, Biden, and Sanders can speak at Mt. Rushmore and it’s no big deal, but when President Trump speaks at Mt. Rushmore it’s racist.