A Muslim…from Chechnya?

Posted April 19th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Liberal Narrative

3 Responses to “A Muslim…from Chechnya?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Yeah, I hear ya Mike. I expect that Chris Matthews and his buddies are screaming and crying with disappointment. Oh, well. Too bad so sad. You and the guy from CNN who claimed that it was a Dark skinned male were so wrong. If CNN was a real news organization, they’d fire him. I’m not holding my breath on that one.

  2. Walter Knight

    Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsamaev are described by their uncle Ruslan Tsami as both losers who were “Not about to settle themselves here and hated everybody who did.” Tsami says he loves America because people are treated like humans here. He says those two losers do not deserve death and do not deserve to exist on this Earth.

    I agree. Most refugees would give their left testicle to have a chance to live and prosper in America. America is still regarded by millions as the bright shining light on the hill to which they aspire. But not these two. Free money for college, a chance to make something of their lives, and they just piss it away.

    Their uncle says they were radicalized by someone. Muslims, they prayed five times away. Five times? You talk to God five times a day, and you can’t think of anything positive to do with your loser life?

    The parants say their children are innocent angels, and victims of a frame. The Russians warned us about Tamerlan, but we blew them off. It’s too easy to immigrate to America when we are warned about terrorists, and they get in anyway.

    The problem is the liberals are for diversity, as long as they vote Democrat. The more the better. I say we should only let in the talented, not losers like these.

  3. MC

    When Patrick told the citizens to hide away, it brought to mind Texas. Could you imagine Perry telling Texans to hide behind closed doors and lock their windows and have them do it? That is too facetious to imagine. Not only do States run by Republican Governors prosper and think differently their citizens do as well.