A Most Unique Christmas Gift Idea

Posted October 29th, 2016 by Iron Mike

There was once a time of Honor in our Military;  – a time long before pregnancy uniforms,  lactation rooms,  transgender reassignment policies,  or gay weddings in the post chapel….
Teenage American soldiers went forth to place their courage and their marksmanship between our Freedom and the hairy hordes of communism.

My lifelong mentor and friend – Colonel Larry Redmond has written about those times.

His book A Dusty Boot Soldier Remembers,  covers the 60s the 70s and the 80s,  – the darkest days of the Cold War,  and the worst days of the Vietnam War….

If there is a man in your life – a veteran who served in one of the spear-tip units, – this book will make the ideal and very unique Christmas gift.

If there are folks in your life who had fathers, grandfathers, and uncles who served then,  – who today don’t fully understand how Obama’s policies have weakened our military and thus endangered lives,….Dusty Boot Soldier is a great way for them to connect with their veteran relatives,  – those men who understood the duty expected of young Americans.

If you have a son, daughter, or grand-kid now serving, this book is a fantastic learning experience.

Redmond’s 25 Rules, interspersed throughout the book,  are a course in leadership.

Colonel Redmond will personally autograph – with dedication – 100 copies if ordered by December 3rd.

So as we used to say back then,… “Don’t sit around with your thumb up your ass,  – get moving!”

I first met the Colonel in 1962,  when I was a young paratrooper in the 101st at Fort Campbell. 

All our officers then were at least ‘good’,  – because our sergeants (all WWII and Korean War vets) wouldn’t let them be anything less.  But Lieutenant Redmond was in a class by himself,  – always teaching,  always explaining,  – always getting his troops ready to move up and take charge.


Our career paths crossed several times – always unexpectedly,  and always I learned and benefited. Several times I have trusted my life to him,  and I still would today.

I wanted to be like him,  – but could never be the gentleman he is.  Over a half-century later – we remain friends – aging warriors from a different era….

If your relative or friend soldiered during those times,  – Dusty Boot Soldier will bring back hundreds of memories,…and likely a few tears….

For this Christmas Gift Special

mail your $25.oo check,
your desired dedication and,
the name & address you want the book sent to

Colonel Larry Redmond, US Army – Retired
336 Crystal River Drive
Poinciana,  FL  34759

MUST arrive there by December 3rd

Questions:  Email the author at dustybootsoldier@gmail.com

ALL e-mails will be answered Thanksgiving week.

Dusty Boot Soldier banner

I don’t get a dime from these sales,  – wouldn’t
dream of taking a dime. 

As the soldiers of the Cold War and Vietnam get old and cross the River to join our Brothers from WWII and Korea,…our History is crossing with them.

Dusty Boot Soldier is the Colonel’s way of leaving some of that history in your hands,  – for the current generation,  – and for our future generations.

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  1. Walter Knight

    “A Dusty Boot Soldier Remembers” can be read on your Amazon.com app, as can my books.

  2. Sherox

    Veterans, you must tell your children and grandchildren about the history of the US because they will never learn anything about history in our public indoctrination camps.