A MoonBat Emeritus Laments “No Jobs”

Posted August 23rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

This pathetic little vignette explains why America went for Obama, and why we remain in deep doo-doo.

Two Acton-Boxborough Young Republicans were doing a voter registration drive in front of the local grocery store Sunday morning.  Along comes a lady of ~ about ~ my vintage who,  when approached told the kids she was not just a lifelong Democrat, she’d been named Massachusetts’ “Most Active Democrat”.  She wasn’t about to change parties.  Then came the real revelation:

She said “I’ve got three grown sons – all engineers – and they can’t find work.  I’m waiting for the government to start creating some jobs”. 

When she reemerged from the store I asked her about her sons.  All engineers she said – all out of work – all unable to find jobs.  Again she said she is waiting for the government to start creating jobs

I asked her if she thought there ~ might ~ be any correlation between decades of big government / high taxes / massive regulation, and manufacturing and engineering jobs moving to India and China.  She looked at me like I had two heads.

I asked her what caused all the empty mills, empty factories and empty store fronts here in the 5th District, and if she really thought we can all make a living doing each other’s laundry.  With an impatient and dismissive wave she stalked away. 

There you have it American.  Unless and until these lifelong MoonBats reach their individual epiphanies, wake up, and realize the government can’t create jobs,  our Young Republic will continue to teeter each election cycle on the brink of socialism. 

In just two weeks,  your home-town school teachers will renew the drumbeat of “the Government should…the Government must…it’s the Government’s responsibility…”

Want a better future for your grandkids?  Purge the socialists from your schools systems!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

    BTW, if anybody knows this lady – tell her about this posting!

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