A Miracle? Chicago Ammo Shortage Ends?

Posted July 12th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Londre Sylvester, 31 (aka KTS Dre) had been held in the Cook County Jail for 400 days on various gun charges.  Then somebody coughed up his bail,  and Momma came to take him home.

As they were walking to the car – two cars pulled up – four shooters got out,  – and pumped 64 bullets into his head and torso.

Here is Londre posing in years past.   Note how fully armed he is for Chicago-style street combat;  – a 33-round extended magazine (just $19.oo) and a laser sight ( under $55.oo).

It is entirely likely that his executioners used similar hardware.  In fact – somebody may have gotten ahold of HIS Glock,  – a sentimental touch given the finality of the gesture.

We wonder if they sprung for exotic bullets,  or stuck with the traditional hollow points…?

Do you think Chicago’s cops are equipped with laser sights?

4 Responses to “A Miracle? Chicago Ammo Shortage Ends?”

  1. Jim Buba

    Live as a Racist
    Die as a Racist
    In the most Racist of cities

    (Excluding L.A., Boston, Minneapolis, Seattle, Baltimore…)

  2. John Pagel


  3. Walter Knight

    Damn good shooting to keep collateral damage to a minimum.

  4. GreenGeretLTC

    One less low life to pollute the human gene pool…..

    But someone, or some people, badly wanted him dead. I wonder why. I even wonder if one, or some, of his killers posted his bail!

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    Good question Bro! It wouldn’t have cost them much; – since they’d get it all back once he was dead.