A Marriage Made In Sodom!

Posted December 1st, 2017 by Iron Mike

Once again our ‘Gay Community‘ has made Massachusetts a national laughing stock.   Our Gay Senate President Stan Rosenberg seems to have married a Gay Cougar!

They started ‘dating’ in 2008,  became ‘engaged’ in 2014,  and were married in Cambridge (of course) just a year ago – Sept 6th 2016.   Now Stan’s boy-toy ‘husband’ has been thrusting his tongue into the mouths of at least 4 men who complained.   And all 4 have business with our State Government…? How many more Bryon?  Stan doesn’t ‘satisfy’ you after all these years?

Advocates have long argued that Gay Marriage was the only way to insure social equality and fairness under the law for that (unknown) percent of the population that is genuinely gay or lesbian.

Opponents argued that gayness was an artificial construct, and that allowing and codifying deviant behavior was both against the Will of God – and the best interests of Society.  They always pointed out the amount or rampant promiscuity in the gay population – to include orgies.

Newly married Bryon Hefner Rosenberg would seem to give great credibility to the arguments of rampant promiscuity,  – if he’s been ‘chasing tail’ in these recent months – enough to get 4 complaining men to come forward.

How very sad of our gay Senate President – 66-year old Stanley C. Rosenberg – who thought that after 8 years of ‘dating’ – he’d found his one true love in this 29-year old Boy Toy.

Now he’s had to ask that a senate colleague – the 79-year old Harriette Chandler from Worcester to investigate – to see if Bryon’s sexual advances were in any way to influence people trying to do business with the State.

Harriette is a piece of Demo-crap herself – advocating a bill to mandate the teaching of anal sex in the state’s middle schools.

And Governor Charlie Baker is in a box.

His nemesis Maura Healey (openly / flagrantly lesbian) will be delighted to investigate;  – but he can’t use his State Police – because they’re likely to rewrite any arrest report from “unwanted kiss” – to “friendly handshake”.

Go get a quiet divorce Stanley,  – and live out your days as a gay bachelor.  Maybe invest in one of those new sex dolls….no alimony payments.

MassHolesplease stop electing these deviants!



3 Responses to “A Marriage Made In Sodom!”

  1. Integrity 1st

    This is so disgusting and to think about the influence of power both boy toy and his husband have in our state is the most frightening all.

    Where and when does the madness stop as it destroys future generations?

  2. Kojack

    This is the result of officially placating FREAKS in the name of “equality” and PC.

  3. John 'Ben' Beninati

    If I remember ancient history, didn’t Rome start to fall this way?