A Liberal Mayor & Her Munchkin Chief

Posted June 12th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Remember back to the days of “Occupy Wall Street”?  Those major city occupations were rehearsals – a test of tactics and police response,  and a trial run for George Soros’ useful idiots.  Liberal mayors were very tolerant.

Seattle has spent decades making itself a conspicuous target for radical violence and take-over tactics. And it’s an election year.

The AntiFA goons and their BLM partners have taken over 9 blocks in Seattle – set up barriers to keep police cars out, – AND taken over City Hall…

Seattle DEFINES what a liberal city is.  Now the taxpayers and the voters are going to pay the price for their liberal arrogance.  This has gone way beyond their morning ritual of hosing human turds off the sidewalks in front of their homes and shops.

Seattle’s voters have been virtue-signaling for decades,  – and with each election cycle sinking deeper into the quicksand of liberalism.  For them there is probably now way to save their city from the same fates as ancient Rome.

Governor Jay Inslee (failed Democrat candidate for President) will be of ZERO help to Seattle.  Having just hours earlier sent a tweet to Trump telling him to stay out of Washington’s business, – he pretended to a local TV station to not have heard of the Occupied Zone….

Seattle,  you’ve got EXACTLY the government you voted for!


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This was a very popular song in Russia – 1917 – 1919. You might not understand the words, but the symbol should be familiar….

5 Responses to “A Liberal Mayor & Her Munchkin Chief”

  1. panther 6

    The liberals make another good move and now they have CHAZ. They reap what they sow. I feel sorry for the Chief, she seems like a nice lady but way over her head,,,the Peter Principle apples.

  2. Catherine

    Fabulous update and analysis by Neon Revolt. Links in the article to audio, video, and transcript versions of the podcast.


  3. Jim Buba

    Hey, shut off the electricity and water.

    Nobody goes in
    Nobody comes out without handcuffs.

    Persons brandishing weapons of any sort, well, feeling lucky?

    Problem solved.

  4. panther 6

    Jim Buba has a solution now who has the cajones?

  5. Kojack

    “Seattle, you’ve got EXACTLY the government you voted for!”

    Seattle is a living example of where the DUMMYCRAP party wants to take us AND why it won’t/doesn’t work. All of their big-city plantations are the same. It should be a wake-up call for everyone but, then again, its the DUMMYCRAP party, and unfortunately the majority of its members are too numb to understand it. That’s why they vote for the FAILED model of socialism and other STUPID policies that create CESS-POOLS LIKE MASSHOLE-A-CHUSSETTS.