A Hollywood Sleaze Is SUDDENLY Big News?

Posted October 8th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Did the Times feel that the “Russian Connection” wasn’t selling enough ink?  Have rising stock markets and 4 hurricane responses made Trump’s team look enormously competent?
Are they afraid to write about the NorKs and show their ignorance?

After just 8 months of Trump,  – ISIS is surrendering in DROVES,  – proving Obama was either incompetent or acting on their behalf.
So WHERE is the Times’ Bill & Hillary Story…?

Harvey Weinstein is not a nice man,  – but he’s been enormously successful,  he has exploited young sexy Hollywood hopefuls,  and he has paid a small fortune to politicians,  – to insure that when in power they won’t harm his business dealings or his tax shelters.

Even the worst of the Democrats hate taking his cash.

So right now they need a distraction,  – somebody to fling under the bus of public scrutiny…..just not Obama or the Clintons…

The Times is the Hatchet Man for the Democrats….  Harvey gets to be the headlines through Christmas….while more witnesses are Arkancided.

Stupid Americans and stupid left-wing cannon fodder in the media will fall for it, – and keep rehashing the Harvey Weinstein sex scandals night-after-night.

You might even see some lurid photos…..

And all the while the Clintons are burying their cash – and any witnesses.

And the Times is NOT writing that one story which could possibly redeem their sordid squalid reputation….

You might ask:  “Why wouldn’t a historic American Newspaper pursue the TRUTH if the Clintons are dirty?”

Let me break it to you gentle…..

One Response to “A Hollywood Sleaze Is SUDDENLY Big News?”

  1. Catherine

    The other piece is saudi money. Joel Richardson documents this extensively in his new book, “Mystery Bablyon” including the incredible amount of money they funnel to the bush and the clinton families. After all that “investment” (blood money for treason, in my view) they don’t want bad press. Did you know one saudi prince owns 1/3 of twitter? Plus big chunks of other US media?