A Hero And A Few Over-Paid Turds

Posted October 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It has happened again, – and the true TURDS were visible.  The New Orleans Saints asked the crowd to stand for the Anthem,  and to first hold a Moment of Silence for Officer Marcus McNeil – ambushed and murdered in New Orleans Friday.
A few players turned their backs – and took a knee.  Their gesture of Black Anger drew boos…
We wonder if they even knew that McNeil was Black?

If sports – football – is played to bring people together over a common bond,  these Black Players and their craven NFL owners are slowly killing their Golden Goose.

This RRB family watched College Football yesterday.   We watched ZERO NFL today.  Maybe my father’s folded flag on my desk is a reason why….  Maybe the others I’ve handed to widows and mothers are further reasons.

If America is such a terrible place to grow up in, – such a terribly unfair and racist place to make a living playing Football,….

…then maybe you aggrieved and persecuted Black players should go north,  and try out for the Canadian Football League…?

You’ll have to learn a little French,  – but you won’t be the first Black players there.

You WILL be expected to stand for their flag and their anthem!

One Response to “A Hero And A Few Over-Paid Turds”

  1. Catherine

    I just happened to notice in the photo posted… the guy kneeling and facing away is REALLY well positioned for a good hard kick in the ass!