A Good Republican Hour In Acton

Posted June 29th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Sometimes Folks,…being me is just way too much fun. But at my age,…I do enjoy afternoons like this one.Willow Books  Chris of Character
First I went to the Liberal’s cultural fountainhead in Acton,  Willow Books.  I went in and asked the obviously indifferent staff if they have Gary Byrne’s book Crisis of Character.  Suddenly they became animated…

No they don’t have it.   It’s on back order…   Due in July 7th ~ maybe…

Many people asking for it…?”

Oh yes!  LOTS of people are asking for it!”

I left smiling.  That was awesome news for über-liberal Acton!

I drive across the street to pick some dinner comestibles….and my sign-bedecked vehicle starts to get more attention than usual. GOOD!


By now I’m very used to people taking pictures of the signs, – even taking selfies…and some leave nasty notes.  Whether they love it or hate it,  – I’m forcing them to think about Benghazi,  and about how Obama and Hillary lied,…and lied,…and lied.

A white haired lady – about 80 – was shaking her head in disgust at me when I came out.

I knew,...she’s waited all-her-life to vote for a woman president,…and she’s now too old to be bothered with facts she doesn’t understand – like ISIS and emails.

I drove carefully around to give her a big smile and a long second look at the other side of my vehicle.

Back home I was backing into my driveway – thinking about getting the ice cream into the freezer,  when a beautiful young lady appeared beside my vehicle….

I quickly figured her for a teenager,…and was hoping she wanted to mow my lawn.

HARDLY!  Before I could finish backing in,  she told me she was a volunteer with NARAL.  I was stunned…


Some quick questioning revealed that she is 24….

.has never heard of the yearly Chinese dog food festival….

.admits we don’t need immigrants to maintain our population…

….doesn’t know how many abortions are done each year in the US….

.had no clue how many are Black and Hispanic….

.and has never heard of Margaret Sanger…..

Margaret Sanger and the KKK

By now she knew she wasn’t getting a donation,…

…but she did get to meet a long dormant old Soldier – Sergeant Iron Mike – all the way from 1964 – the old school Army.

She’ll not likely forget those next 60 seconds.

As for NARAL, – they’re clearly sending out campus volunteers – who have no clue what evil they’re working for,  – and no clue about the history of the Progressives,  the Democrats,  Mao Tse Tung,  – or the history of Margaret Sanger,  eugenics,  and Planned Parenthood.

They just ~ think ~ they’re ‘doing something good for women’….

The Democrat Party cannot survive without ignorant young volunteers,  – which is precisely why union school teachers aren’t teaching History.

All-in-all,  it was a good Republican afternoon.

And it all took less than an hour…..

Iron Mike Old Soldier Still Good for Parts!

The GREATEST DANGER to our Republic and our way of life isn’t ISIS,  Putin,  or the Chinese Empire.

The greatest danger to our Nation is the cadre of Union School Teachers – deliberately dumbing down our kids!”

8 Responses to “A Good Republican Hour In Acton”

  1. Panther 6

    Mike; Sadly I must agree with you.

  2. John Pagel

    You’ve always enjoyed twisting the tail of the tiger for as long as I’ve known you.


    Aye Lad, ’tis a wicked evil gene I carry, – and I need to feed the little beast raw meat on a regular basis….

  3. Vince Picarello

    You give me hope Mike…

  4. Brad Wyatt

    Quite an enjoyable afternoon! Nice work!

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Iron Mike: Still my hero…..and mentor…

  6. Mark

    I really liked this article. -Mark

  7. Blossom Stiefel

    Mike, thank you for always standing up for all of us. For America, for what is right for the country and the world.
    Thank you, Thank you, keep up your great work for our children and grandchildren.

  8. Kojack

    “The GREATEST DANGER to our Republic and our way of life isn’t ISIS, Putin, or the Chinese Empire.

    The greatest danger to our Nation is the cadre of Union School Teachers – deliberately dumbing down our kids!”

    The second greatest danger is the “closet conservatives” afraid or unwilling to stand up to the INSANITY OF THE LIB-TURDS for fear of being called a racist or a bigot. Standing up for our country and what’s right is not bigotry.

    Thank you, Mike, for keeping the spirit alive.

    Happy Independence Day, everyone!