A Ghost From Lois Lerner’s Past

Posted May 30th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Al Salvi Comes HauntingAre there people in YOUR past you hope to never meet again?

IRS witch Lois Lerner
has one,…and…

Once upon a time in Chicago [sound familiar]…

Paul SimonIt was 1996 – the Illinois Senate race….2-term Democrat Senator Paul Simon was retiring, and the Chicago progressives were pushing Dick Durbin the 7-term Rep from the 20th District [since eliminated].

Dick was running on an anti-gun platform. Dick hasn’t changed much, – he’s still a wacko-weirdo!

The Republican in the race was Al Salvi – a young attorney and 2-term state rep from the Mundelein-Waukegan area. 

As the race heated up, Al lent his campaign some personal money ($1 million), – and the Democrats [progressives] backing Durbin had a fit.  They filed an FEC complaint.

In steps Lois Lerner – then head of the Enforcement Division of the FEC

Lois wasn’t shy.  She made Salvi a Chicago-style offer“Promise me you’ll never run for office again, and I’ll drop the case.” FEC Clinton

Let’s see, who was President of the USA back then…?  Oh, that’s right,…it was Bill ClintonBubba was running for re-election against Bob Dole and 3rd Party Ross Perot.

Al lost and Dick ‘Turban’ Durban is still the US Senator.

God Bless him – Al stood tough – eventually winning in court – and he did run again…

And last week when he saw Lerner taking the Fifth on TV, – he had a flashback!  “That’s the [woman] who bullied me!”  Anybody see a pattern of behavior yet?

Today Salvi hosts a radio talk show WKRS 1220 AM and runs a law office in Waukegan.

2 Responses to “A Ghost From Lois Lerner’s Past”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Of course, if they ever take her to court, they won’t be allowed to submit that evidence in court so they can establish a behavior pattern. Just like in the Trevon Martin case. Can you say Kangaroo Court?

  2. CajunCountry

    It is just BS that Lerner is on a paid vacation till she feels otherwise. Time for Congress to get off their butts and pass a law concerning the conduct of Federal employees. They should be no different than the rest of us. If they screw up, they are gone with no second chances as they are being paid by We The People and they should act like We the People NOT THEY the Gestapo.