A Gathering Outside Maduro’s Palace

Posted April 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

As the SECOND prolonged power outage brings modern life in Socialist Venezuela to a standstill, opposition leader Juan Guaidó asked his followers to gather outside Maduro’s Palace.

It was risky,  Maduro’s remaining loyal military – and his Russian bodyguards,  – might have opened fire…. video

With the clear evidence of the failures of Socialism in France and Venezuela,  – we might ask people like Bernie Sanders and AOC where they’re getting their pipe-dreams from…..

You should have a conversation with your high school and college students too;  – they’re being fed a load of shit – and YOU’VE BEEN FUNDING IT!

And as is almost always the case – the people of Venezuela are UNARMED!

Unarmed people can ONLY Protest….

ARMED Citizens can RESIST and REBEL!

3 Responses to “A Gathering Outside Maduro’s Palace”

  1. Hal Shurtleff

    This is why our efforts at Camp Constitution are so important. Please consider helping send a worthy youngster to our annual family camp. http://www.campconstitution.net

  2. Jim Ettwein

    I was recently judging a competition. One of my fellow judges was a woman from Venezuela. She left several years ago (and is here legally). She wished the USA would just go down there and rid them of their dictator. She said none of her relatives support anything the government does, since before Chavez’ time.

  3. Jim Ettwein

    And, Amen, to Hal’s comment above. If local government can’t do the right thing and teach our young about the Constitution, we must take on the task ourselves. We cannot abide just thinking… “I wish someone would do something about this.” We are the someones.