A Fraud Wannabe Revealed

Posted July 22nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

I post this only to remind people that not everything / everyone is as it appears. There have always been people who wanted / needed to be seen as heroic warriors – even if they never lifted a spear.
In this case – two off-duty Marines – in the area for a funeral detail – quickly spot a fraud. He cannot answer correctly even the most basic questions.  Because the original Stolen Valor Act was deemed too broad by the Courts; – so long as he just walks around and tells lies – he’s committing no crime. I do hope he gets his ass whipped.

Only if he uses this fraud – uniform, rank, medals, or forged documents to obtain some sort of monetary or employment advantage – can he be charged under the new Stolen Valor Act.

And because this particular fraud is Black, – chances are Eric Holder won’t lift a finger.

This man has a particular sad sickness, and he’s invested considerable money in his costume to be seen as ‘heroic’.  Frankly, a good ass-whipping would be appropriate physical therapy.

And it’s not just men who do this. Remember back in 2008 – when Hillary claimed she had to “dodge gunfire” at the airport?  Our world is full of liars!

Kerry Lies Under Oath

One Response to “A Fraud Wannabe Revealed”

  1. Casey Chapman

    It does sound like a couple of bruises about the eyes are in order. I doubt he’d learn anything, though.