A Fine Utah Morning: Gardner Is Dead!

Posted June 18th, 2010 by Iron Mike

As of 12:17 AM this morning, Hell has a new inmate.  Ronnie Lee Gardner – who murdered several men that we know of – was executed by firing squad in Draper, Utah.


Did 7 Years

Some may shed tears for this blob of wasted sperm, but remember that he killed Melvyn John Otterstrom while robbing a bar in 1984.  The following year a female accomplice handed him a pistol as he was going into a court house for a hearing, and he shot several people, killing one of them.  Always the bad boy, Ronnie knifed a fellow inmate while in prison. 

Some people say the firing squad is barbaric.  I say this is a classic example of the punishment fitting the crime.  In Gardner’s own words “live by the gun, – die by the gun”.  A few witnesses this morning were unnerved by Gardner’s twitching hand.  They should have been shown photos of his victims.

We have just had a horrific crime here in Massachusetts; – 49 year old software geek Thomas Mortimer IV killed his wife, his mother-in-law, and his two children – a 4 year old son and his 2 year old daughter in her crib – all with “a blunt force trauma”.  In this case a firing squad would be too merciful, but without the death penalty in Massachusetts [thanks Dems], we get to feed him for the rest of his life.  “Oh, he must be sick, …he just snapped”.  He left notes.  It will be months or years before we know what’s in them.

Obviously I believe in the death penalty.  I believe in justice, and I believe it has a deterrent value.  I can personally vouch for its deterrent value.  ’Nuff said on that.

Gardner is in Hell this morning – where he has belonged since 1984.  Back here on earth, if we want to live in a society with fewer murders, – let’s reinstate the Death Penalty in every state, and expedite the appeals process.  Edgewater Technology mass murderer Michael “Mucko” McDermott laughs at us every day, and we deserve it. 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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