A Connecticut Liar Tangles With Trump

Posted August 7th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Once the Civil War ended in 1865,  the Democrat Party had to fall back on their old reliables,  – lying, blame-casting, and buying votes with taxpayer money.

Today one of Connecticut’s most prominent serial liars finds himself in a fight with our President.  As Trump points out – he’s on damned shaky ground.

I first became aware of Dick Blumenthal back in 1980 – when I took a job in Connecticut and transferred into the CTARNG.  He was Jimmy Carter’s appointed US Attorney for Connecticut.   He was underwhelming.

Thirty-seven years later – not much has changed.  Well – he did con the voters there into sending him to Washington as a US Senator.  He’s been no credit to either his state or the Senate.

Back in 2010 when Blumenthal was running to replace retiring crook Chris Dodd in the US Senate,  – there was a lot of news about his “tall tales” of service in Vietnam.  It hadn’t been a one-time slip – there was a pattern:

2008:  “We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam.”

2003:  [speaking about public displays of support for the troops]:  “When we returned,  we saw nothing like this.”

But it turned out that “War Veteran” Blumenthal had received 5 deferments during the war – and only hastily joined the Marine Reserve as his last one was about to expire.  After Boot Camp he served in a Washington DC unit which organized Toys for Tots drives…. Tough Duty!

So he spent much of that 2010 campaign claiming that it was all because of “…a few misplaced words”….(like maybe the word “Vietnam”?).

May 2010:   News conference at the West Hartford VFW Post:  “Now, on a few occasions I have misspoken about my service,  and I regret that and I take full responsibility, – but I will not allow anyone to take a few misplaced words and impugn my record of service to our country.”

It was just this February when he was making waves against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee – Neil Gorsuch.   And once again the world was reminded of Blumenthal’s history of lying about his wartime service.

Funny thing about how lies seem to stick to some people.

Today he is leading the effort to topple or cripple Trump by claiming Russian influence and pushing “Emoluments” lawsuits. 

Seems he too cannot accept the real reasons why Hillary lost last November….

We expect some folks to point out that Trump too had deferments during the Vietnam War.

But Trump never claimed to be a “Veteran” who had come home to a hostile and unwelcoming America.  Trump never ran for public office allowing people to believe he’d seen combat in Vietnam.

In the humble opinion of this Vietnam Veteran – whose life was saved by two ballsy Marine pilots,  – Blumenthal is simply another stolen valor TURD!

UPDATE:   Monday 7 August 2017   Trump’s Killer Tweet!  

Blumenthal says he’s being ‘bullied’.  What kind of ‘Marine’ whimpers like that?

7 Responses to “A Connecticut Liar Tangles With Trump”

  1. Panther 6

    How the voters in the Nutmeg state ever put this liar in office is beyond me. He was a known fraud when they elected him. They ended up with a do nothing idiot liar in D.C. who was totally out for himself. That isn’t going to change. His pattern of lying is ingrained in his psyche, he knows no other way. Stay on him Donald!

  2. John Pagel

    Too many cases where people pull their party lever in the voting booth without looking to see who they are voting for.

  3. Kojack

    John – you just described the majority of democraps. The rest just want to bring down the “evil U.S.”

    Blumenthal is the definition of ‘stolen valor’.

    The whole state of CT is in deep financial trouble which is the inevitable conclusion of democrap rule.

  4. BEN

    There are a lot of phonies in this country and most of them are democratic politicians.

  5. Sherox

    Panther, you wonder why nutmeg voters put that lying POS into office? I ask myself the same thing daily about Massachusetts voters every day.

  6. Walter Knight

    You are being mean to Senator Blumenthal. This public servant survived the mean streets of Connecticut. A moose might have snuck up on him at any time, and he probably has a medal awarded Obama to prove it.

  7. Frank L McNamara, Jr.

    One of the most loathsome people in an occupation that has more than its share of loathsome people.

    This guy was a year ahead of me in college and he was as repellent then as he is now (if that’s possible), an intergalactically ambitious user of people.

    I place him right down there with John Kerry in the fraud department.