A Change Of Command Skirts At The AFA

Posted May 10th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Why let obvious failure deter a plan in motion?  After just 2 years in the saddle,  the Air Force abruptly relieved BGen Kristin Goodwin (very OPENLY Lesbian) Commandant of Cadets.  She’ll be replaced by another female General – Michele Edmondson.

The Air Force is determined that women can teach leadership to future jet fighter pilots, – soft, gentle, non-harassing leadership that is.

BGen Goodwin arrived at the AFA in May 2017 amid a swirl (celebration) of gay / lesbian excitement over her assignment, – and the arrival of her lesbian family.

But soon it became apparent that she was determined to be the most Alpha Male on post,  – her ‘leadership style’ with subordinates was described as caustic and abrasive.  She became known as “The Duchess”….

She’s not being accused of misconduct or a crime, – she just wasn’t the leadership image the Air Force wanted.

Folks,  it’s not being a lesbian that caused BGen Goodwin to fail,  – it’s all the other stuff that goes along with being gay,  – aggressiveness, hostility, and over-compensation,…and a constant need to be in the spotlight.  And “How DARE you question…?”

Anybody who had ever been in the military knows that to be suddenly placed in charge of troops can be daunting. Even if it’s just being told to march a work party to the mess hall, – you suddenly feel a thousand eyes watching you.

Goodwin went from working as an Executive Assistant at the Pentagon – to running 4,000 young strong-willed cadets.

Being such a conspicuous Lesbian Pioneer meant she was always in the spotlight, – and frankly the Air Force erred mightily by plugging this new experimental General into that particular slot.

Given how much we will expect of those cadets once they are commissioned and join the Force, – they should be getting the BEST generals available, not fledgling Brigadiers who have never commanded troops in combat.

Sadly our military and uniformed services will continue to experiment with Gender Dysphoria personnel, – until we are deep into WWIII,  – and the death toll of units under incompetent and overly-promoted GLBTQ commanders becomes a public scandal.

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  1. Joseph

    100% correct. You cannot even have lesbians or gays in charge of a scout troop.