A Case For Re-Electing Obama?

Posted October 3rd, 2011 by Iron Mike

With the election just 13 months away, – why would anybody give Obama another 4 years?

With our new crop of liberal readers seemingly emboldened enough – or outraged enough – to leave a plethora of comments on RRB, I thought it was high time we asked them exactly what they’ve found in Obama-Biden that they deem worthy of re-election.

Three years ago many liberals my age were openly saying ‘It’s time America elected a Black man as President’.  I think it was a case of built-up White Guilt finally gushing forth for any Black man who didn’t look like the poverty pimps Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Thus the deed was done, and America was screwed. The stock market tanked and unemployment soared to 9.8% as investors hid their money from this 21st Century world socialist.

I have painful memories of our last badly failed world socialist – Jimmy Carter.  I remember the high unemployment, the stagflation, the home mortgage rates which reached 20%, and his pathetically inept handling of the Iran hostage crisis. I remember the national sigh of relief when he was defeated by Ronald Reagan.

Obama has been SO MUCH WORSE! I’m waiting for liberals to tell us why they want to give him another four years to finish ruining America.

Is it his handling of the economy, – the high unemployment and the wasted Billion$ on the Stimulus?


Is it his record on National Defense – where his principle achievements have been using troops as backdrops for speeches, and wasting 5 months to decide on surge levels in Afghanistan?

  Or is it his 3-year long delaying tactics in bring the 9/11 conspirators to trial?

  Or his blabbing out the identity of which special operators took out bin Laden?

Or is it his appointment of some 36 or 37 openly socialist / avowed communist ‘Czars’ to run the government – all without senate confirmation?

How about his appointment of openly anti-white Attorney General Eric Holder, who said his department is not interested in investigating crimes against white people?

Have you been pleased with his appointment of Turbo-Tax Tim Geithner to Treasury?

Is it his appointing two (2) unqualified and agenda-driven judges to the Supreme Court?

Is it his refusal to secure our border with Mexico, and his back-door attempts at granting amnesty by executive fiat?

Is it his attempts to create a crisis in Northern Mexico by essentially giving thousands of AK-47s to the drug cartels – creating a horrifically bloody war there – in hopes of using the ‘crisis’ to shut down gun stores here?

Is it his abandonment of our ally Israel in favor of the terrorist group Hamas?

Is it his basic governing style – i.e. flying around on Air force One giving teleprompter-loaded speeches, playing golf, and going on vacations every few months?

Is it his quickness to analyze situations on minimal facts – as when he said ‘…the Cambridge Police acted stupidly’? Or his telling us ‘not to jump to conclusions’ after Major Malik Nadal Hasan jumped on a table, yelled ‘Allahu Akbar’ – and shot 43 people, killing 12 of them?

Is it his flair for international relations – as shown by his bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, the Japanese Emperor, and the Chinese Premier? Or when he embarrassed himself by continuing to talk during the playing of the British National anthem?

How did the man who drew 1,000,000 spectators to his Berlin speech in 2008 become the butt of jokes and cartoons overseas in less than three years?

Is it his energy policy – shutting down all new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico – which caused massive unemployment and sent home heating oil and gasoline prices over $4.oo last winter?

Empty Solyndra Factory

Or was it his ability to toss $535 Million down green rat hole Solyndra – where the money bailed out campaign contributor George Kaiser? Or did you just approve of the bailouts of GM, Chrysler, and the Wall Street banks?

Could it have been ObamaCarehis giant 2009 showpiece of unconstitutional legislation – is that what you admire?

Was it his adding 25,000,000 to the welfare rolls – for a total of 15.1% of Americans on food stamps?

Is there a case for re-electing Obama-Biden?  

Or did America’s well-intended liberal experiment in EEO and AA manage to fail by picking somebody who if fact did NOT get better in office, – who did NOTgrow into the job’.

Will thinking liberals [oxymoron?] re-elect this proven failure simply to show how much they hate Republicans?

Liberals, I’m seriously inviting comments here. Please tell us which of Obama’s policies and accomplishments you find praiseworthy and compelling! 

Please include a word or two on how you expect to support yourself in your old age – if Obama-Biden are re-elected.  Or are you already taxpayer-supported?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

6 Responses to “A Case For Re-Electing Obama?”

  1. Tired republican

    I know this is aimed at me as well as a few others commenting on this page. Disagreeing with the very far fetched conclusions made based on very vague arguments (very often hypocritical and prejudice) doesn’t make one liberal. The attitude that if you aren’t extreme right like Iron Mike, then you are liberal, is one thing that makes the right hard to take seriously.

    The only way Obama will win with such low approval rates is if the right is worse. Obama won last time not because he was black, but because everyone was so sick of the republican bush era and didn’t want another old white guy. If Obama wins, it won’t be because everyone loves him, it will be because the right screwed up more. Perry and Romney are not a better choice. The world could see the right go in a different direction with Herman Cain, which I believe is the only person that has a shot, not only to be elected, but to do a GOOD job. Palin, Bachman, perry and Romney are all terrible choices, and horrible mascots for the TP movement. I still don’t see an argument that it is better to elect them. I remain torn on what to do.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    TORN?!? You remain ‘TORN’? 9.1% Unemployment / 16.7% for Blacks / 40% for Blacks under age 30 – – and you remain ‘TORN’?

    So what 5 things would a president – R or D – have to do to ‘win your heart’?

    BTW – use a REAL EMail Address or you’re going to get tossed back into the spam heap.

  2. Perplexed Senior

    There are only two words that come to mind concerning this blog “THANK YOU” for spelling it out to the Obamaphiles. As for the current and proposed Obama policy that I agree with there are theee words ZIP, ZERO, NADA.

  3. apple

    lol, dan savage links to your blog, shitstorm ensues

    also i am a communist

  4. Varvara

    I can’t begin to express my anger over what this President 0 has done. He has embarrassed us, all, in front of the eyes of the world. I, too, knew people who thought it was time to elect a black person. A tall, Harvard Man, who had no credible credentials. No one has ever seen his published work, no one has ever reviewed his work. He voted present 90 times, while in the senate. We don’t know how he thought on these bills.

    Now he is acting like a playboy of the western world. He is a dreamer. He believes he is smarter than everyone else. He doesn’t understand why you all don’t appreciate him.

  5. Jim Buba

    I so do love Communists. Everything is going to be just fine. Everybody will be equal. Money will grow on trees AND everyone will be so happy weeding the Public Food Supply farms for the Common Good. Everybody will have jobs for life, the same ones they get by assignment by the Communist Government Representative at age four. Childhood will be a fading memory by age five and life-long Asian Beetle Search and Destroy Specialty Technicians will count success by the numbers of trees still standing on Public Property.

    Public Property you see, under that scheme, is every piece of property. Because every child will be pre-destined for some Common Good task, there will be no need to have schools and everybody will be happy with three ounces of milkfat, two ounces of soymeal and a sprig of arugula three times a day seven days a week; threatened with punitive shortages of course, that they will gleefully climb trees with a poison needle and feel lucky for the privilege of providing a desperately needed function supporting the Common Good at the same time as they protect the Public Environments from the ravages of the Evil Mother Nature.

    I know this is true because Bill Ayers told Van Jones to tell Obama to tell me to like it or die. To make sure I get the message, Obama has sent his emissary, Elizabeth Warren, to win back Teddy’s seat and make everything hunky dory in the People’s Democratic Republic once again.

    So naturally I spell Communism; H-A-R-V-A-R-D and when that seems to pale, I use the alternate spelling P-R-I-N-C-E-T-O-N and remember how Wilson started this mess with J.P. Morgan.

  6. James

    God, obama really did drive you all off the deep end, didn’t he? I mean 90% of what you’re saying here is absolutely false, or just misdirected old/white anger.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Thanks for stopping in James. Come back often.

    /s/ Iron Mike